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Supporting The Troops 101

September 18, 2006

Supporting the Troops 101. Broken down in the simplest terms. This by the way is directed exclusively towards the anti-American/anti-war crowd.

1.) Against Bush

2.) Anti war

3.) Support the troops

(1.) Alright this is America and if you do not support the current administration, that is your choice. Nothing you can do about his being in office at the time being. Speak out against him if you like. Maybe your kind will get your way come the next election. [God forbid] For now though Bush is the president in office. Like it or not.

(2.) Anti-war, fine be as anti-war as you wish. It is within your rights as American citizens to protest against something that you do not believe in. But what does it accomplish? Has the war stopped because you all have been stomping your feet and shaking your fists? Has a war ever ended because anti-American radicals have thrown a fit? Nope. But go ahead and rally against the war on terror. It is a waste of your time. But if you like to waste your time, that is your choice.

(3.) Now last but NOT least. Let’s say the above hold true. Adding the fact that you can honestly say you support the troops. Can you?? Honestly?? That is what many of you (use) as one of your speaking (ranting) points. If you answer “yes” that you support the troops and have their safety and welfare in you minds first and foremost. Then the first two do NOT apply. Because at this moment in time they go hand in hand. I’ll explain.

– Our U.S.Soldiers are fighting with all their might against this global war on terror! So… when you speak out on Bush and the war you are also speaking out against our brave soldiers, in a round about way. If any of you had one iota of concern for our American Men and Women in Uniform, then you would take care in what you say and do. They need and deserve all of the support and respect that we here at home can express. Their morale and state of mind are of the utmost importance! They need to feel love and support coming from home. They do NOT need all of the anti-American/anti-war bullshit! They need to remain focused. Any and all propaganda, that you spit from your anti-American lips put them in harms way. It only provides fuel to the fire of those against freedom and democracy. Those on the OTHER side!

So either you support our troops or you don’t. If you are so hell bent on protesting against the war, and speaking out against Pres. Bush, then discontinue using our brave Men and Women as part of your twisted agenda. Have you no shame?

Of course you don’t or you wouldn’t support our enemies, [your allies].

code pink, camp democracy, medea benjamin/cindy sheehan etc. etc. ad nauseum

Please do go straight to HELL!


A Pissed-off true American, child of a serviceman, born on an American Naval Base!

Image from:

Some of the good guys! First off, the code pinkos get Smashed and handed some Major Pain… 😉

Good Night, Ladies @ Indepundit


SOMETIMES you see a man with a short haircut, athletic build and a military bearing, and you think to yourself, “I bet that man is a Marine.”

With Major Pain, there is no question. You know he is a Marine.

Which makes him an ideal wingman for me when it’s time to confront Code Pink and friends about their rude and disrespectful treatment of our soldiers outside Walter Reed Army Hospital.

Some fantastic photo sets here. Background music even, for your viewing pleasure.

“You Don’t Speak For Me Cindy Tour and Rally”

A collection of photos from Members

God Bless Our Troops… we owe them big time!

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* I realize that I am not one of the great minds of our time. But this little rant of mine just felt to damn good.


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