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December 3, 2006

Immigration Gumballs

This is a MUST SEE video for anyone interested in the immigration debate, whether you are a citizen, an illegal alien or a Congressman. This clip from the longer video, Immigration by the Numbers, features Roy Beck demonstrating the catastrophe of the huge numbers of both legal and illegal immigration by Third World people into the modern nations. He uses standard statistics and simple gumballs to show this disaster in the making.

Finally, one site that finds the totals for you, which until now has been difficult to find. provides the public key statistics resulting from illegal immigration in America. Using the latest government and private organizational sources available, research and analysis trending data is factored at their individual rates of increase. Topic related books and links are provided for you to become more informed about the current state of illegal immigration in America. For information about the research behind the individual counters, click here for Data Sources.

From Norm3

Added August 15, 2006
Illegal Immigration – Time Magazine on Political Powers Ignore Immigration Invasion

October Sun Films
1 hr 41 min 2 sec – Apr 2, 2006

The Illegal Immigration Invasion..

A truthful documentary showing the people that deal with the Illegal Immigration Invasion upfront and on a daily basis. … all » Watch what the mainstream media WILL NOT show you!!! «

By the way….
The Mexican government has surreptitiously been working towards the illegal alien invasion of America for years.

Mexico’s Official “Guide For The Mexican Migrant

In 1994, the Government of Mexico produced this 32-page comic book-style “How To” guide containing information to aid Mexican citizens seeking to cross the border illegally into the United States. Though little has been said in the national media, questions have been raised regarding the Mexican government’s intentions with respect to producing the book.

Temporary Guest Workers?………Sorry, no such thing! @ Coalition Against Illegal Immigration

Illegal Immigrants ARRESTED at Atlanta Airport! @ Take Back Georgia

Illegal Immigration: Wednesday Roundup @ CommonSenseAmerica

Elvira Arellano to be Honored at 19th Annual People’s Weekly World/Nuestro Mundo Banquet @ A Lady’s Ruminations

  1. boopme permalink
    December 4, 2006 3:04 pm

    Gumballs… That is such an eye opener,I watched it again. I have writen my congreesmen and asked them to watch and please ACT. I also mentioned to them how this is a 10 year old video. The points the speaker makes of the population by the year 2050 are already exceeded in 2006. Forty years early and 25 million higher. And the million person a year figure is too smmal to begin with. There is no more to to think. One must do and do NOW..


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