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Egg Face Keith Ellison and Jefferson’s Quran

January 7, 2007

Ellison’s explanation regarding his ceremonial usage of Jefferson’s Quran. As reported by the Detroit Free Press.

Ellison: Quran influenced America’s founding fathers

The Quran is “definitely an important historical document in our national history and demonstrates that Jefferson was a broad visionary thinker who not only possessed a Quran, but read it,” Ellison said in an interview with the Free Press. “It would have been something that contributed to his own thinking.”

If I were to read Mein Kampf, would I transform into a Nazi? What I wonder, did he think of the words of the Quran? He could of thought, dang this is whacked out. I’m just sayin’ …

But Ellison said Friday that Jefferson’s Quran “shows that from the earliest times of this republic, the Koran was in the consciousness of people who brought about democracy.”

What is your point, Keith? Jefferson owned some 6,000 plus books. He was a man who sought knowledge, on a wide range of subjects especially religion.

I would hazard to guess that, it is in the consciousness of many American’s even today. It damn sure it is in mine. Knowledge is power, after all.
Moving along. This is good!

Ellison’s handlers should of perhaps read up on the Jefferson Koran beforehand. Helloooo! Reading Is Fundamental!

Via Jefferson’s Koran @ Elder of Ziyon

Jefferson was a very well-read man and he owned a large number of books about religion. But what we do know is that he owned the Koran translated by George Sale around 1741. An 1881 edition is available on Google Books and it is fairly interesting.

Sale wrote essentially an entire book as an introduction to the Koran’s translation, and while he is sympathetic with Islam he by no means subscribed to it: his commentary was written as a believing Christian.

So for example we can see this passage, where Sale looks upon Islam’s being spread by the sword as proof that it is not a divine religion: (p. 64)

I give you an excerpt from Jefferson’s Quran by George Sale. This is an amazing find, thanks to The Elder of Zyion. To me it only proves even more so that Ellison was grand standing, he did NOT even realize what the book contained. Would he of been so quick to use it had he known of this passage for instance??? I think not.

^“It is certainly one of the most convincing proof’s that Mohamedisim was no other than a human invention, that it owed it’s progress and establishment almost entirely to the sword”

Oh oh, there is that religion by the sword theory again, albeit it does not pre-date Pope Benedict’s source it most certainly pre-dates Pope Benedict’s speech.

If George Sale were alive today and he had published this introduction, would there be riot’s in the streets, would embassy’s be set on fire, would there be shouts of death to the west? Would there(?) Maybe Keith Ellison has the answer. Or maybe not. [sarc]

Would Sale’s effigy have been burned across the Islamic world??? A likely occurrence I would presume. Of course he was in no way a world leader as Pope’s are considered, but those Danish cartoonists were not either. Think about it.

“Keith is paying respect not only to the founding fathers’ belief in religious freedom but the Constitution itself,” said Ellison spokesman Rick Jauert.

And heresy, I dare say.

Pope Benedict’s words…

“Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.'”

Is there any difference? No siree Bob, no difference betwixt the two. Nope not at all!

In pictures: Muslim anger at Pope

Fine examples of the so called, “religion of peace”. Can ya just feel the love? All that is missing is flowers in their hair and the waving of the “peace sign”.

Arrogance or anger? Anger or arrogance? Does it even matter? It is outrageous that these (at times very violent) riots were in protest of Islam being referred to as a being a violent faith. Sooo… you create violence in order to protest the fact that you were described as violent??? Irrational and illogical! It all makes my head spin, it truly does!

Muslim fury grows at pope remarks

Unknown assailants threw fire bombs on Saturday at two churches in the West Bank city of Nablus, following a day of Palestinian protests against the pope’s remarks. No one was hurt.

And in Indonesia, up to 1,000 Muslims rallied in protest at the comments made earlier in the week by the pope, who was citing an obscure Medieval text that characterizes some of the teachings of Islam’s founder as “evil and inhuman,” video of the scene showed.

Meanwhile, members of a group called “Lions of Monotheism” claimed responsibility for lobbing Molotov cocktails at the windows of two Christian churches in Nablus on Saturday, Palestinian Security Sources said. The group said it was protesting Pope Benedict’s words, AP said.

A youth center run by the Greek Orthodox church in Gaza was also slightly damaged by a small explosion on Friday, witnesses told Reuters.

In addition: 1. The Translations of Alexander Ross and George Sale.

Sale supplemented his translation with additional material. He prefixed his work with a fairly lengthy introduction to Islam entitled The Preliminary Discourse, printed about sixty years ago independently of the translation as a separate book, but usually found included in the earlier editions of his translation. He also complemented his work with “Explanatory Notes taken from the most approved commentators”. In 1898 his translation was reprinted in four volumes which contained a greatly enlarged supplement of notes by E.M. Wherry entitled A Comprehensive Commentary on the Qur’an. Unlike the publication by Ross, Sale’s translation and Preliminary Discourse were remarkably precise and have stood the test of time.

Nevertheless Sale’s Koran has been vilified by Muslim writers. Some have objected, for example, to his constant interpretation of passages speaking of struggling and fighting in the way of God as meaning physical warfare, an interpretation out of favour with many modern Muslim commentators who seek to soften such passages by suggesting that only spiritual warfare in the soul is meant. This is by no means clear from the texts usually cited, however, and such interpretations only serve to expose the sentiments of those who desire to eliminate a theme considered unacceptable today but one which was regarded as perfectly consistent with true religion at the time of Muhammad. Sale usually put such interpretations in italics in his text, or commented on them in his footnotes, and they were invariably not his own preferred suppositions but simply the interpretations of the earliest commentators, in particular the highly-respected al-Baidawi, as they were recorded in Marracci’s original Latin edition. One writer says of Sale’s translation and interpretations:

Sale’s translation is extremely paraphrastic, but the fact that the additional matter in italics is, in nearly every case, added from the commentary of El-Beidhawi, makes it the more valuable to the reader. (Zwemer, “Translations of the Koran”, The Muslim World, Vol. 5, p. 251).

It seems that the real reason for the widespread Muslim antagonism to Sale’s translation and notes is that they were the first serious assessment of the Qur’an by a Christian author and one which did not attempt to gloss over teachings and dogmas in the book which tend to reflect somewhat poorly on its claim to be of divine origin. Such a thing as a critical or objective analysis of the teaching, sources and ethics of the Qur’an is unknown in the Muslim world to this day. Indeed any Muslim writer with the courage to produce such a study would soon be vehemently denounced as a renegade. It was chiefly because Sale was willing to publish a discourse and translation that set the heritage of Islam in an objective perspective that his translation has been disapproved of by Muslim writers. Continue reading article here.


American Muslim News Briefs
Friday, January 05, 2007

Video: Ellison Uses Quran for Mock Swearing-In
U.S. House of Representatives Mock Swearing-In Ceremony
Source: C-SPAN

Shouldn’t that read.. “Video: Ellison Uses Mock Quran for Swearing-In”

What will c.a.i.r. make of this oversight, this gaff? Will one of their top poster boys, be cast away from the fold? Or will their grasp tighten?

I can see the egg on Ellison’s face now…

…can’t you?


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  1. January 7, 2007 2:00 pm

    Great piece. I believe Mr Ellison, former Nation of Islam convert and current dhimmi Muslim cannot walk the line of left wing policies regarding homosexuals and abortion ( He’s for both) and please his Islamist masters.

    He will be calledout by his own ilk, even with tiqqya being invoked, and forced to tow the true Islamic line on both these and other issues that will reveal the hypocrisy he contains.

    Thanks for your work in this area.

  2. January 7, 2007 5:57 pm

    Welcome icanplainlysee
    Thank you!

    One can only hope, one can only hope.
    I do my best. LOL I can’t stop if I tried, the urge is much to strong. 😉

    Stop by anytime.

  3. January 8, 2007 2:50 pm

    This is indeed good, good stuff. A lot more in depth than I usually get to read on-line, and with a lot of interestsing asides to follow up. Consider me a regualr reader (not least ’cause I think you have plenty of toon ideas) and reciprocating your blog roll is not for forms sake. You deserve it in spades!

  4. January 8, 2007 3:33 pm

    Good to see you here in my little corner Vimto. Thank you. You’re to kind. You are always welcome, will look forward to your visits.

    My articles take forever and I do them on the fly. I never keep notes much because I always forget about them. Which is the reason I do not put up content on a regular basis. As in several a day. Just when I have time and have been inspired. Averaging around 3-4 per week.

    Thanks again!

  5. October 3, 2007 8:06 am

    Thank you

    I have moved my site here:

    This article can now be found here:

    Could you please update the link? 🙂


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