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Jesse Jackson’s British Muslim Initiative

October 4, 2007

What have we here? Jesse Jackson supping with the ‘British Muslim Initiative‘? Has he ran out of race baiting crap to stir up in the states? How can anyone take him serious? He is a joke. But to be found mingling amongst the British Muslim Initiative he perhaps has gone to far. Has he gone from anti-white racism moving once again towards Antisemitism? Farces like Jackson are clueless to the threat of Islam. Somebody slap some sense into them. Please! (lighten up it’s an expression)

BMI (British Muslim Initiative) hosts renowned US civil rights leader
jessie-jackson-british-muslim-initiative-dinner.jpgThe British Muslim Initiative yesterday hosted a dinner for the leading civil rights campaigner and one of America’s foremost political figures Rev Jesse Jackson during his tour of nine cities across the UK.

Welcoming Rev Jackson, Ismail Patel spokesperson of BMI, acknowledged his legacy, stating, “He has was the conscience of America and the great unifier, challenging America to establish just and humane priorities“. He further added and called for Rev Jackson to “help guide the Muslim counter Islamophobia and call for justice in the Holy Land
jesse-jackson-british-muslim-initative-dinner2.jpg Simon Woolley, coordinator of Operation Black Vote, said: ‘We are taking the next project forward for educating and empowering Britain that will serve notice on every political party bar none, and will link the Diaspora in a global movement that makes a difference.’

Lee Jasper, chair of Operation Black Vote, also highlighted the important issue of voter registration, urging all ethnic communities to use their voter power to maximize their representation and ensure far-right parties are kept out in the forthcoming elections

Entire photo gallery of dinner can be found here.

What has the BMI done with it’s time lately? Why protest the war and espouse anti-Israel views. Of course…


100,000 march Stop The War On Lebanon & Palestine


What good is an anti-war protest without a few…raggedy socialists joining the mob? We must not leave them out.

(Note the black islamic flag being flown in photo taken at the protest.)

In the contemporary Islamist movement, the black flag is used to symbolize both offensive jihad and the proponents of reestablishing the Islamic Caliphate.

They are the back bone of such protests. Which has become an un-holy alliance between radical islamics and commie bastards, pining for the downfall of the west. The common ground they both share.

Getting down to the crux of the matter. Why do I make an issue out of Jackson’s new found friendship?

Faux moderate British Muslim Initiative exploits terrorist attacks to portray Muslims as the victims of non existent backlash

The British Muslim Initiative [BMI] has recently been propagating such a deception – loudly condemning the recent foiled plots in the UK in newspaper ads.

However a closer look at the group reveals that it and its membership advocate the same jihadist agenda as those who were arrested for the failed plots.

BMI is neither mainstream nor is it moderate.

Oh oh! Is Jesse aware of this? Or is he spellbound by the ego-tripping he is experiencing, in being revered as the second coming who will lend clout to battle islamophobia?

Islam-is-Peace launches national media campaign on buses, trains, airports and tube network reaching out to the wider community during the holy month of Ramadan
Praising the initiative, MCB Secretary General Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari said: “The silent majority of Muslims are coming forward and now challenging the misleading and negative assumptions of our faith that exist in sections of our media. It is a brave undertaking “.

Not brave enough for my taste. The renowned Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch and my friend the profound Ginro (who lives in the UK) have a few thoughts they would like to share. Concerning the newly launched Islam-is-Peace campaign in Britain.

Link @YouTube

I find this campaign and its stated aims highly offensive and extremely arrogant. Eradicate Islamophobia? They’d be better off trying to eradicate kuffarophobia in Islamic states as the problem is provably greater, and thousands upon thousands of people have been and are being slaughtered, tortured, and mutilated simply because they are not muslims. Tell me again, what exactly have muslims to fear in this country? And what do non-muslims have to fear in Islamic countries? Maybe the muslims in the UK should just shut up being cry babies and grow a set of bollocks for a change. ~Ginro

Can’t say I could add much to those nail on the head thoughts. I will add this though, if you do anything while browsing through this article, view the Spencer video and then go and read this, Fitzgerald: The “Islam Is Peace” campaign!

The British Muslim Initiative, together with the Greater London Authority and a host of human rights, faith and anti-racism organizations, has launched a new project to address attacks on freedom of thought, conscience and religion.

Goody goody, they are for freedom of thought and conscience! That blows their cries of islamophobia the hell out of the water. Now doesn’t it? Score! They have killed islamophobia dead in it’s tracks with one little sentence.

Let us learn more…

This “good Islamist – bad Islamist” dichotomy is part of a wider strategy, as Dutch Islam specialist Hans Janssen states, “moderate Muslims too, strive after an Islamic society, “they intentionally make use of radicals to enforce their wishes.”

Janssen’s analysis cogently sums up BMI’s strategy.

The group’s spokesman Ishtiham Hibatullah boasted that “doctors made up the bulk of those who joined the PR campaign and noted that the government appears to be showing dhimmitude towards Muslims, gloating over new PM Gordon Brown’s handling of events, “There have been no draconian laws rushed through or raids. The general perception in the Muslim community is that things have changed.”

Significantly, BMI’s assertion of “Islamophobia” ignores the obvious connection between Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism.

Such tactics allow BMI – and other Islamist groups – to cynically exploit terror attacks, intending to create a smokescreen where allegations of discrimination serve to shield their own radicalism.

The BMI website advertises an Al Quds day event which included speakers such as Azzam Tamimi a known Hamas operative who created an uproar when he praised suicide bombers in a 2004 BBC interview.

“Why, if it is so glorious and honourable to do this, why don’t you do it?” asked the interviewer. “If I have the opportunity I would do it,” Tamimi, who was born in Hebron, answered. “If I can go to Palestine and sacrifice myself, I would do it. “Why not? You see, sacrificing myself for Palestine is a noble cause. It is the straight way to pleasing my God and I would do it if I had the opportunity.”

More insidious words spewed forth from the mouth of Azzam Tamimi


Al-Tamimi told the Guardian Unlimited (December 2003) that he “was a friend of Mr. [Khaled] Meshal, the chief political officer of Hamas… There is a personal relationship with some of them,” he added, “because of that I am sometimes asked to advise them.

“I have been asked, ‘What do you think of how we present ourselves to the world?’ I can be of use both to Hamas and people in the West who know nothing of what Hamas is about.”

Al-Tamimi describes himself as a “sympathiser and supporter” of Hamas. “I know some of the senior figures in Hamas,” he said. “Some were my friends, my classmates…”

In an interview titled ‘David versus Goliath’ on Al-Jazeera television in October 2003, Al-Tamimi described the Hamas tactic of using human bombs:

“Don’t forget, in the long-term the outcome of this conflict isn’t about how many Palestinians die, it is about how many Israelis die. The Israelis can’t fight or match the willingness of the Palestinian people to sacrifice their lives.”

In an article titled ‘Hizbullah’s Gift to Palestine’ published in mid-2000, Al-Tamimi explained the religious roots of suicide/martyrdom operations:

“A person that chooses, and comes forward willingly, to die by exploding himself in the face of his oppressors is neither desperate nor hopeless. Almost in every case… the Israelis are dealing with individuals who are most hopeful. They are aspiring to what they alone seem to have known with certainty to be the truth. To them, the eventual destiny of their short trip to Tel Aviv, Netanya, or other Zionist-infested Palestinian towns is eternal life in a world of divine bliss…”

Jesse Jackson breaks bread with a Muslim group, who are connected to radical islamists. Lovely. Especially when one considers his holier than thou attitude.
Also when discussing Jackson, we must not forget his love affair with Yasser Arafat

(Edit Sept 12-10: Above link broken, found reference of the quote here.)

“We grieve the passing of the leader and father of the Palestinian people, Yasir Arafat. He did much during his life on earth; his legacy will live forever…against the odds, he built a people from identity crisis to a state, much like George Washington and Mandela…Chairman Arafat rose from a rootless beginning like Moses…and led his people from darkness to light…”

..and the kissing up and passing of his hat to the PLO.
The money quote,

“By October 1, there will be no black leader left willing to come to the aid of the Palestinian cause, if there is not an immediate infusion of funds into the black community from the Arab states.”

Jackson filling more than his belly. His presence at the B.M.I. dinner table was to show support, sell his soul, & fill coffers.

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