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Video: Geert Wilders Interview on Danish Television

March 25, 2008

In English

Dutch anti-Islamic film’s Internet site suspended

An American network provider Sunday said it had suspended a website that Dutch MP Geert Wilders had reserved to post his anti-Islamic film, which has sparked wide condemnation and fears of a backlash.

Network Solutions has received a number of complaints regarding this site that are under investigation,” the provider said a message posted on the Internet.

Although his website is offline, Wilders on Sunday insisted he still wants to put the movie “on the internet quickly” but did not specify how.

He also told the Dutch ANP news agency that he would not allow anyone to see the film before it was broadcast.

Until Sunday, his site ( had shown the cover of a Koran on a black background with the text: “Coming soon: Finta”.

Network Solutions said it investigating whether the website conforms to its guidelines, saying it cannot allow “any material in violation of any applicable law.” *Cough Hizbollah is alright by them

…Far-right lawmaker Geert Wilders plans to release a movie attacking Islam and the Koran, despite complaints from religious groups and warnings that it could provoke violent protests around the world.

Wilders said in November that the 15-minute film would show the Koran was a “fascist book”, a claim which has already drawn complaints from several Muslim countries, including Pakistan, Indonesia, Egypt, Iran and Afghanistan.

…Dutch officials have unsuccessfully urged him to drop the project, fearing a repeat of the violent protests that erupted in many countries when European newspapers printed cartoons mocking the Prophet Mohammed.

Wilders has said that he will release the film “before April 1”, posting it on the Internet because he cannot find a broadcaster willing to carry it.

…On Friday a Dutch Muslim association filed a legal claim asking a court to appoint a panel of censors to view the film before it is aired in order to see if there is a reason to ban it.

The court is set to deliver its ruling next Friday but Wilders has said that he would try to release the film before than to avoid having to show it to censors.

Dutch film-maker and polemicist Theo Van Gogh was murdered by an Islamic extremist in Amsterdam in 2004 after he made a short film attacking Islam’s treatment of women.


The Dutch Islamic Federation (NIF), a government subsidized Turkish Muslim group, has gone to the courts to request a censor (NL) for the film Fitna. As far as I know there is no such provision in Dutch law, but they want the movie to be previewed to an ‘independent’ expert who has to judge if the movie is offensive for Muslims. If so, the movie should be banned. They also demand that Geert Wilders stops his offensive remarks about Islam. The court will handle the case, the 28th of March. The organization expects Wilders not to release the move before the date.

Update: In 2005 the Dutch Islamic Federation (NIF) made headlines for spreading the Iranian antisimetic propaganda movie “Zahra’s Blue eyes“. In the film jews harvest the eyes of Muslim Children.

Emphasis mine
The glaring hypocrisy of Islam!

In Europe no less!

Wilders is trying to warn you!

The truth will keep you free!

Listen to him!

Update 2:
How a Film Triggered a Global Panic @ Spiegel Online

It is the kind of stunt that has many fearing the worst: Dutch right-wing populist Geert Wilders plans to release a film about Islam. Politicians worldwide are already trying to stop the project, before a single scene has been shown. Critics fear the film could lead to bloodshed in many countries.

Let us summarize what has happened to date. On Nov. 2, 2004, an Islamic fundamentalist murdered Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh, a descendant of the painter Vincent van Gogh, in broad daylight on a street in Amsterdam.

The killer, a 26-year-old Dutch citizen, the son of Moroccan immigrants, shot the filmmaker at 9 a.m. as van Gogh was riding his bicycle. He then slit his throat and, using a knife, pinned a note to his victim’s chest, claiming responsibility and explaining his motives. The killer’s true target was politician Ayaan Hirsi Ali. But she, unlike van Gogh, was under 24-hour police protection. The bloody act was also a declaration of war against Dutch society, which, as the murderer was convinced, was controlled “by the Jews.”

Theo van Gogh and Ayaan Hirsi Ali had collaborated to produce a short film called “Submission,” which uses four real-life examples to illustrate the poor treatment of women in Islam. The film was shown on Dutch television in the summer of 2004. Mosques in the Netherlands were unhappy about it, but their reactions were less vehement than expected. Van Gogh had already developed a reputation as a provocateur who paid little attention to what people thought about him — a committed enfant terrible. He liked to refer to Muslims as “geitenneukers,” or goat fuckers. He made fun of dead Jews by describing them as “copulating yellow stars in the gas chamber.” He also had little regard for Christian values and symbols.

Even more than the deadly attack on “populist” Pim Fortuyn, who was shot to death by a “white Dutchman” in 2002, the van Gogh murder brought to an abrupt end the Dutch dream of a multicultural society, one in which everyone could live more or less as he pleased. From one day to the next, the Dutch realized that they had long ignored a significant problem. The country had more than a million immigrants, most of them from North Africa, who were increasingly isolating themselves from or feeling marginalized by society the longer they lived in the Netherlands.

In the November 2006 elections, the Freedom Party (Partij voor de Vrijheid), which liberal politician Geert Wilders, 45, had established two years earlier, won nine of the 150 seats in the Dutch parliament. Not unlike van Gogh, Wilders seems to gravitate toward conflict. He is as popular as he is controversial. His friends value him for his directness, while his enemies disparage him as a populist walking in the footsteps of murdered politician Pim Fortuyn.

Wilders, who believes that the Netherlands has been “taken hostage” by well-intentioned people on the left, wants to see the country “returned to the people.” He wants both the Koran and Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” to be banned in the Netherlands, because, as he claims, they incite people to commit acts of hate and violence. He also wants the country to deport criminals with dual citizenship to their countries of origin. Wilders was voted “politician of the year” by Dutch public broadcaster NOS in December 2007.

Wilders isn’t exactly free to enjoy the tribute, though. He is under 24-hour police protection and has slept in a different place every night since Islamic Web sites first began calling for his beheading. While the police take the death threats seriously, Wilders is more relaxed. “You don’t get used to it,” he said in an interview, “but you learn to live with the threat.”

* Part 1: How a Film Triggered a Global Panic
* Part 2: Dutch Premier: “We Must Consider the Consequences of our Actions”

Seriously what more do we need to know?!
H/T Canadian Infidel

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  1. March 26, 2008 10:34 pm

    Hizbollah Pwned

    If you try to surf to you’ll get something like this…

    Thanks to those who helped out. At least Network Solutions is trying to make things right by removing from their DNS servers. If they really want to make things right, bring back back.


  2. March 27, 2008 9:50 am

    The latest from Geert Wilders blog.

    Loosely translated

    Carry your stone by at the preservation of the freedom

    Wednesday 26 March 2008

    I lead a fight against the islamisering of the Netherlands and the mass-immigratie. I stand in this not only. Meanwhile appeared that six on the ten Dutchmen the islam as threat sees and finds that the mass-immigratie the largest wrong from our history is. That gives hope for the future. Only temporarily I look at against enormous expenses. The film and the naweeën expenses many money. The Party for the Freedom accepts no subsidy and is thus totally indicated on the support of vrijheidslievende citizens as you. I have your help urgently necessarily. May I ask yourself support? Each donatie is welcome! Here are the gegevens: Bank account number 67,04,72,344 to name of the Foundation Friends of the PVV to the Hague. Borrows on: the gifts its complete tax deductible. The foundation has been recognized by the load service as good-range foundation. Meanwhile warm thanks for your support To our international friends: Please support our struggle. The battle for the survival or freedom is not something we can Thu all by ourselves. Party for Freedom (PVV) is the only political party in Dutch Parliament that refuses government subsidy. Therefore, we are dependent on your support. We need your help urgently, axis costs are mounting. Freedom isn’ t free. You can use the Paypal application under “DONEER” honored make you can a contribution to: Foundation Friends of the PVV (Foundation Friends or PVV), in The Hague, the Netherlands. Bank account 67,04,72,344

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