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Jeremiah Wright & His Cuban Friends

May 2, 2008

skeletons-closet.jpgGood God!
How many skeletons does Wright have in his closet?

Jeremiah Wright’s Cuban Friends

By Humberto Fontova
Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Was it remotely conceivable that someone with Jeremiah’s Wright’s worldview and connections had somehow avoided a pilgrimage to the world capitol of Yankee-hatred, to worship and commiserate with its high priests?

Not a chance. Reverend Wright was part of Revered Jesse Jackson’s 300 person entourage to Havana in 1984. “Viva Fidel!” bellowed Reverend Jackson while concluding his speech at the University of Havana. “Viva Che Guevara!..Long Live our cry of Freedom!

“He (Jesse Jackson)is a great personality,” reciprocated a beaming Fidel Castro, “a brilliant man with a great talent, capable of communicating with people, very persuasive, reliable, honest. Jackson’s main characteristic is honesty. He is sincere and there is not a single bit of demagoguery in his conversations.”(italics mine)

As mentioned, this was summer of 1984, so at the time the world’s longest-suffering black political prisoner suffered his incarceration and tortures in stoic defiance. “Nigger!” taunted his jailers between tortures. “We pulled you down from the trees and cut off your tail!”

I do not refer to Nelson Mandela. No, this prisoner was being tortured a few miles away from the Revs. Jackson, Wright and their entourage of black American luminaries. The prisoner was a black Cuban named Eusebio Penalver and he was being tortured by Reverend Wright’s gracious hosts. Mr Penalver’s incarceration and tortures stretched to 29 years which makes him the longest-suffering black political prisoner in modern history, surpassing Nelson Mandela’s record in time behind bars and probably doubling the horrors suffered by Mandela during this period. […]

[…]Why do I bother asking?

Jackson and Wright’s Cuban pilgrimage was arranged by the Cuban Council of Churches, who sprang for the full $300,000 tab. “ I have been affiliated with the Cuba Council of Churches since the 1980s,” boasted Reverend Jeremiah Wright in a sermon just last year. “I have several close Cuban friends who work with the Cuba Council of Churches and you have heard me preach about our affiliation and the Black Theology Project’s trips to Cuba.” And naturally the kicker: “Our denomination’s Global Ministries is committed to calling for an end to the U.S. sanctions against Cuba.”

The Cuban Council of Churches, according to Cuban intelligence defector, Juan Vives, is an arm of Cuba’s ICAP (Instituto Cubano de Amistad con los Pueblos) itself an arm of Cuba’s DGI, Cuba’s secret police, founded and mentored by the KGB and East German STASI. the ICAP’s long-time chieftan was Rene Cruz Rodriguez whose meteoric rise through Cuba’s Stalinist bureaucracy was facilitated by his diligence as an early executioner, often beating out Che Guevara and[…]

Humberto Fontova is the author of four books including Exposing the Real Che Guevara and the Useful Idiots Who idolize Him and Fidel; Hollywood’s Favorite Tyrant.

Read in full.
Emphasis mine

H/T Hans von der Gruen @ USA-Partisan

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Jesse Jackson ignores black political prisoners @ Blog For Cuba

Read this to see how political prisoners are treated in Cuba.

Jesse Jackson, and other African-American leaders have visited Cuba, why don’t they speak out against the oppression and enslavement of black Cubans?

Could it be that the reverend thinks it’s more important to get his ego stroked by a dictator than it is to defend the rights of his brothers?


Fidel you magnificent communist bastard, purred Jackson.

I just had to add these comments from above post.

I once wrote to the NAACP about Dr. Biscet. Never got a reply. Tells you something.

Posted by: rnikolic | November 09, 2007 at 04:42 AM

we wrote a letter to many congressman , incluiding jesse jackson jr , charles wrangel,maxinewalter, etc etc…. about the black political prisoner never received a reply.


Posted by: antonio figueras | November 13, 2007 at 10:05 AM

Those non-response’s speak volumes.

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  1. May 3, 2008 9:09 am

    Well, Nelson Mandell may have been a “political prisoner”, but many people seemed to forgotten his endorsement of ethnic cleansing (yes, he endorsed killing black Africans NOT from his tribe) and the use of “necklacing” which was binding a person and placing a tire around his neck, filling it with kerosene or gasoline and setting it on fire.

    I have no pity for Mandella and what he allegedly “suffered” he should have had the death penalty (but I don’t think South Africa has it)

    Just my thoughts

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