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Enemies Among U.S.

May 5, 2008

Declaration of Independence by John Trumbull
Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Architect of the Capitol

England’s Call to Repeal Our Declaration of Independence

by Phyllis Schlafly
April 30, 2008
Eagle Forum
It’s a good thing that British Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s U.S. visit was upstaged by the dramatic reception Americans gave Pope Benedict XVI. Brown might have been booed if he hadn’t delivered what aides called his “signature” speech within the cloistered walls of Harvard’s Kennedy Center.

Brown’s tedious, hour-long speech impudently demanded that we issue a “Declaration of Interdependence” in order to submit to global governance. That’s another way of calling on us to repeal our Declaration of Independence.

No thanks for the advice, Mr. Brown. Brave Americans rose up and rejected Britain’s royalist rule in 1776, and we’ve gotten along mighty well without transatlantic interference in our government for more than two centuries. We certainly don’t want to reinstate any foreign supervision today.

The redundancy of Brown’s outrageous semantics was oppressive. His speech used the word global 69 times, globalization 7 times, and interdependence 13 times. He referred to Kennedy 19 times, lavishing fulsome praise on John F. (“his influence abides everywhere”), Robert (he sent forth “ripples of hope”), and Ted (“one of the greatest Senators in more than two centuries”).

Brown rejected the traditional concept of national sovereignty, which means an independent nation not subservient to any outside control, telling us to replace it with “responsible sovereignty,” which he defined as accepting what he calls our global “obligations.” Hold on to your pocketbook.

Brown admitted that his “main argument” is that we must accept “new global rules,” “new global institutions,” and “global networks.” Brown’s global rules include massive U.S. cash handouts and opening U.S. borders to the world.

Brown’s use of well-known American political phrases was tacky. He tried to morph FDR’s New Deal into a “New Global Deal,” and JFK’s New Frontier into “the New Frontier is that there is no frontier.”

Brown even slipped in an attempt at thought control: “Americans must learn to think inter-continentally.” He declaimed, “We are all internationalists now.”

Using the rhetorical device of inevitability, Brown warned us that his vision of the globalist future is “irreversible transformation.” He wants to “transcend states” and “transcend borders” as he builds the “architecture of a global society.”

Brown peddled the nonsense that the peoples of the world “subscribe to similar ideals.” He tried to tell us that all religions (Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists) have “common values” and “similar ideals.” No, they certainly do not.

Brown wants to increase the power of the United Nations to become the source of “an international stand-by capacity of trained civilian experts, ready to go anywhere at any time,” and even be able to exercise “military force.” Americans do not intend to cede such authority to the corrupt UN.

The silliest part of Brown’s ponderous speech was his claim that “a global society” is “advancing democracy widely across the world.” In fact, he doesn’t even practice democracy in his own country.

Brown refused to allow the British people to vote on whether or not they want to accept the European Union (EU) constitution. He acquiesced in the plot of the constitution’s author, Valery Giscard d’Estaing, to put the EU constitution into effect by calling it a treaty so it did not have to be voted on by the people.[…]

[…]Gordon Brown invited us to march forward to globalism “where there is no path.” He’s correct that there is no path on which we can expect globalism to lead us to a better world; in fact every path toward global government is a surrender of our liberty and our prosperity.
The surrender of British forces at Yorktown, by eyewitness John Trumbull. British General Lord Cornwallis was not present. Apparently too ashamed, he sent his second in command, General Charles O’Hara. General Benjamin Lincoln (on white horse) receives the surrender, after O’Hara tried to capitulate to the French on the left. George Washington is on horse, under American flag. As marching British soldiers put down their arms, a band played “The World Turned Upside Town”. The victory at Yorktown, for all practical purposes, ended the American Revolution. Image courtesy of The Architect of the Capitol.

Gordon Brown should go back home and study up on how Americans refused to accept orders from King George

Emphasis mine

April 18th 2008 – Gordon Brown’s speech in America (1 of 3)
[introduction by Teddy Kennedy]
Embedded video
Parts 2 and 3

Full speech: Prime Minister Gordon Brown Delivers Speech on Foreign Policy in an Interdependent World

Then there is this.

Barack Obama, Questioning the Patriotism of Others

Tom McGuire notices Barack Obama declaring, “I have never challenged other people’s patriotism” on Meet the Press and asks about the flag pin. I have another objection:

Sherrod Brown, talking to The Nation:

I’ve talked to Barack a lot about his Patriot Corporation Act, which is not trade per se, but it’s certainly part of the economic package around globalization. The Patriot Corporation Act has not gotten the attention that I would hope it would. But, basically it says that if you play by the rules, if you pay decent wages, health benefits, pension; do your production here; don’t resist unionization on neutral card check, then you will be designated a “Patriot Corporation” and you will get tax advantages and some [preference] on government contracts.

Not only has Obama declared some patriotic and some not, he wants to make it the federal government’s job to decide and declare which companies are patriotic and which aren’t.[…]

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  1. May 5, 2008 1:05 pm


    Brown is a boob. IF he’s so smart – how come Labour got its arses’ handed to them last Friday? 🙂

    Of course they want an internationalist America… Labour feels fatigued having to defend “America” to Europe – so they’d like to have us become more like them – whimpish fops who are accomodating to everything the Franco-Prussian alliance wants…

    IF the Brits can’t stand Labour – why should we even listen to this boob.

    Bryan’s last blog post..… we interrupt this announcement for an urgent news bulletin!

  2. May 5, 2008 1:21 pm

    I believe it, but it is “unbelieveable” – ok that doesn’t make any sense, but neither does a declaration of interdependence. Gotta love those Democrats, wait, he is a Brit, — almost the same huh?

  3. May 5, 2008 3:37 pm

    Velvet – Wow, I didn’t know what Gordon Brown had said. Thanks for posting this. I wish he had visited at a better time. Maybe there would have been some talk about what he had said. I’m convinced, he’s total human garbage. Hopefully, Boris Johnson winning over Red Ken for Mayor of London portends a loss for Labour in the UK’s next national elections.

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  4. Trajan75 permalink
    May 5, 2008 7:57 pm

    No shocker there. This is why the Left is promoting Islam and Atheism. It’s doing it to destroy the Traditional Culture of America.
    It’s their plan.

  5. Ginro permalink
    May 6, 2008 10:25 am

    Yes the man Brown (and his ‘mate’ Blair) are traitors to all in the Western world.
    Cranmer on his blog recently ran a post about this speech. It is completely embarrassing to us to have someone claiming to speak for us coming out with this tripe.

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