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9-Year-Old’s Transgender “Social Transition” Counseling For Classmates

May 6, 2008

“Social Transition” or Social Experiment?

Cross posted from Stop The ACLU

OK. This is just sick! Found via Moonbattery the latest in downfall of America.

Parents of a third-grade student at Chatham Park Elementary School approached the administration on April 16 to ask for help in making a “social transition” for their child.

The Haverford School District consulted experts on transgender children, then sent letters to parents advising them that the guidance counselor would meet with the school’s 100 third-grade students to explain why their classmate would now wear girls’ clothes and be called by a girl’s name.

How inclusive of them to be so “tolerant” of the gender confused. Shouldn’t they have a special class for this kid and a special padded room for the parents?

Van Helsing:

With help from moonbatty parents and educrats, childhood gender delusions can be nurtured into full-blown psychoses. The kid had better go into a lucrative profession, because he’s going to have hefty psychiatrist bills for the rest of his life.-


On BTR the other day I was listening to a very well-spoken woman from the midwest lament the fact that she has to teach her kids math and reading, while the public schools are busy “socializing” them and molding them into leftists, teaching them to ignore their fuddy duddy parents, and teaching them that religion is no longer fashionable. She expressed what I’d never thought about, but really hit me after she pointed it out: the public schools have their job mixed up. It should be parents who are teaching their kids about morality, not schools. And it should be schools that are teaching the basics of education – like math and reading.

But I could never imagine in my wildest dreams that parents would actually come out and ask a school to help their child to be transgendered; particularly at the tender age of 9.

Stacy had said that a basic part of child development is that children identify with the same sex until they become adolescents. We shouldn’t interfere with that, and we shouldn’t be using that natural part of child development as a reason to force homosexuality onto kids.

Here is a link for those interested in scanning through the Haverford Township Blog where this issue is being discussed.

I wonder why there was only a 24 hour notice given. So there would not be enough time for parents who may be opposed to have their say? Heh.

Why don’t they just get it over with and open charter schools for the gender confused, the children who have same gender parents etc.
It is not to hard to grasp why home schooling is becoming more and more prevalent.

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  1. May 7, 2008 3:58 pm

    This news story should, by all rights, be Exhibit One in a petition by the state for guardianship. Can you imagine the damage that they are doing to this child – not to mention what this child’s life is going to be like in school? An adult needs to take charge.
    Good post.

    GW’s last blog post..Not Quite Yet With The Fat Lady

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