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[Update 2] Victims of the Texas Dis-Honor Killing’s – Amina and Sarah’s Autopsy Report

May 12, 2008

Update 2:
All THE GREAT-AUNTS May 14, 2008 at 7:28 am

To whom it may concern. We want to apologize for the autopsy on youtube, and to clarify we had nothing to do with that being on the internet.Again, we repeat, we had nothing to do with the autopsy being on youtube!
All that did, was put ANOTHER vision in our heads that we don’t need! We are very sorry this was put on the internet. We have no control over what other people do. We would never put something so morbid for the viewers or any of the family, including Tissie, Islam, and all the Said’s.
This should be re-moved a.s.a.p.
We only need to commit ourselves to getting justice for Amina and Sarah. Finding Yaser and putting him away, that should be top priority!!

Atlas Shrugs

I have been going through the autopsy reports with friend and former prosecutor John Jay (who has seen a fair number of autopsies in his time) and these reports paint a gruesome picture. Yaser Said was a beast. What a brutal death. The islamic curse of honorcide must be stopped.

John Jay provided excellent analysis, observations and extrapolations. What follows is much of his deductions. Important to note, in short, these autopsies appear to have been done on the cheap, fast and dirty, with no intention on the part of the authorities to do anything other that a very cursory and superficial death investigation. John has never, in his 25 years, working in rural counties in Washington state, ever seen anything so superficial, not even the most inexperienced pathologist report he ever saw was so superficial. And, when something was a little novel, and there were not confessions or eyewitnesses or weapons recovered, pathologist were flown in from the state crime lab and pathologist’s offices, to perform competent examines.






Proceed with caution.

It is the gruesome description of how the girls died.
Amina and Sarah’s Autopsy Report:

Sarah Said’s “Stand”

These reports paint a gruesome picture. Yaser Said was a beast.
Sarah death was prolonged.

The reason it was prolonged is because none of the wounds appears to have been administered in such a fashion as to have proven instantly fatal.

Sarah’s report was particularly horrible. The shots described as numbers 1, 2 & 3 [arbitrarily by the pathologist] are very interesting, in a very peculiar fashion. They are fired point blank, perhaps even next to the skin, the entrance wounds being described as elongated, eccentric, and so on, which suggest distortion by the gun barrel and perhaps by the blast of the powder, and one of the wounds have soot along the path of the wound. Propellant gas was blown through her body, shows he pressed the gun to her body and fired.
All of this upper chest area has all sorts of stuff in it, and something called the aortic bundle, and shooting at these ranges, the gun pressed against her, to wound the upper lung area, he had to be consciously avoiding shooting her in the heart of implicating the aortic bundle. This is not easily done; you would think that he would have hit it by accident.

Amina was killed very “efficiently,” two rounds to the central chest area that would appear intended to kill quickly, and with dispatch. It sounds bizarre to say, but it would appear that no intent to make her suffer, or to “torture” her in a prolonged death, as Sarah suffered. He wanted her dead a/s/a/p

Sarah was very skillfully tortured, quite deliberately, and quite expertly, by the sadistic son of a bitch, her father, Yaser Said.
Sarah Said, was shot twice through the left shoulder, once through the right arm, four times in the chest, and twice in the abdomen.
She suffered a fractured right 5th rib, punctures the right lung, fractures the left 2nd rib, punctures the left lung, He shoots her in the abdomen twice ,bullet ripping through her liver, stomach and left kidney causing massive bleeding. The autopsy reports all her clothing was bloodstained except for her socks and sneakers. Her right sneaker was on her foot, the left was off, she also had a bruised left knee.
Hopefully she lost the sneaker off her foot as she kicked the pig in his face.
Following are the exit wounds;
Three out her left shoulder, two out her right shoulder, two out her lower back, and one out her right arm. One bullet was lodge in the right buttock after it ripped through her pelvis and small intestine. With all these wounds, Sarah Said dials 911
Sarah Said’s “Stand”

International Campaign Against Honour Killings

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  1. May 13, 2008 2:38 am

    Unfortunately we no longer use the electric chair in Texas. Lethal injection is too god for that s.o.b.

    Not a surprise from someone who is a part of a mindless religion designed to keep people under subjection of a tyrant.

  2. ERS permalink
    May 13, 2008 4:58 pm

    Good God. How can anyone do this to his own? Or anyone, for that matter.

    Ellen R. Sheeley, Author
    “Reclaiming Honor in Jordan”

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