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Majority Leader Steny Hoyer’s Banana Republic [updated]

May 13, 2008

Give Democrats control of the House and what happens? Democracy is thrown out the window!

Hoyer is heard shouting, “We run this House, not the Parliamentarian.”

HUMAN EVENTS EXCLUSIVE Stolen Vote Committee Hearings begin: Pence blisters Dems

by Jed Babbin
Posted: 05/13/2008

HUMAN EVENTS has obtained a six-minute “highlights” video prepared by Republicans from the original video of House floor proceedings on August 2, 2007 when the Democrats first reopened a completed vote to reverse a Republican win on a motion to deny illegal aliens government welfare benefits and then closed it again to prevent further Republican votes.

Embedded video

In the midst of this bizarre episode — in which the US House of Representatives is made to look and function as if it were some banana republic’s parliament — Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md) is heard scolding the House Parliamentarian, John Sullivan, who is objecting to the Democrats’ abuse of House rules and procedures. Hoyer is heard shouting, “We run this House, not the Parliamentarian.”

When the Dems’ antics are over — and the Republican measure which had passed is recorded as having been defeated — Parliamentarian Sullivan can be heard telling Tally Clerk D’Andre Anderson, “We’ve got big problems.”

But not as big as the Democrats have, especially Hoyer. The Select Committee’s investigators have taken about two dozen depositions, and found that Hoyer’s story is inconsistent with the testimony of both Cong. Michael McNulty (D-NY) who was presiding as Speaker and that of Caitlin O’Neill, the chief Democrat staffer on the House floor.

In today’s hearings, which are commencing at this hour, Cong. Mike Pence (R-In) is giving an opening speech in which he accuses the Democrats of giving inconsistent testimony to the committee’s investigators. At one point Pence said:

“At the time the Speaker voted, Mr. Hoyer can be seen near the rostrum having a conversation with Catlin O’Neill of the Speaker’s floor staff. Mr. Hoyer recalled telling Ms. O’Neill words to the effect of, “We need to shut down the vote when we are prevailing.” The video shows that Ms. O’Neill immediately turned and said something to the Chair, who then attempted to close the vote for the first time. Ms. O’Neill and Mr. McNulty have both denied giving or receiving any instructions about closing the vote that evening. It is troubling that their testimony was contradicted by the testimony of Mr. Hoyer.”

The hearings, which began at 10 am EDT today are apparently going to be a rougher road for the Democrats than had been predicted. Has there been perjury? Are the Democrats engaging in a coverup?

HUMAN EVENTS will be covering these hearings throughout the day today and tomorrow.

The full text of Pence’s statement can be read below.[…]

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Whose House? Our House!

Hoyer unscathed in hearing.

House ‘Stolen Vote’ Hearing Fizzles

by Jed Babbin
Posted: 05/14/2008

The much-ballyhooed Tuesday hearing of the House Select Committee investigating voting irregularities on August 2, 2007 produced little drama or visible movement toward Republicans’ goal of proving that the Democrats abused their power in the disputed vote over illegal aliens’ ability to obtain federal welfare funds.

Republicans had hoped to prove that Rep. Michael McNulty (D-NY), presiding over the House at the time of the disputed vote, had — under pressure from House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md) — declared Republicans had lost the disputed vote when they had won by one vote.

Hoyer testified for about two hours before the committee yesterday afternoon and emerged without having suffered obvious damage.

Republican questioning centered on two events. First, Hoyer’s scolding of House Parliamentarian John Sullivan just after Rep. Michael McNulty (D-NY) first declared the vote tied at 214-214 when the electronic vote “scoreboard” showed the Republicans had won 215-213.[…]

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