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Obama All Over the Map

May 17, 2008

“It’s almost a psychological study in guilt”
Gingrich: Liberals identify with appeasement, isolationism

Embedded video

“But Obama denounced his (Carter’s) meeting with Hamas”

Did he Alan, did he?

“I’m not going to comment on former President Carter,” Obama told reporters while campaigning in Indianapolis. “He’s a private citizen. It’s not my place to discuss who he shouldn’t meet with. I know I’ve said consistently that I would not meet with Hamas.”

Re-wind, backup, change your tune. Obama sure is consistent… [roll eyes] What does he do flip a coin? Rock, paper scissors?

“That’s why I have a fundamental difference with President Carter and disagree with his decision to meet with Hamas,” Obama said. “We must not negotiate with a terrorist group intent on Israel’s destruction. We should only sit down with Hamas if they renounce terrorism, recognize Israel’s right to exist and abide by past agreements.”

Hamas is not a state. Hamas is a terrorist organization,” he said.

Obama: Hamas and Hezbollah have “legitimate claims” – Infidels Are Cool

Obama said this in a NY Times interview today:

NY Times

The U.S. needs a foreign policy that “looks at the root causes of problems and dangers.” Obama compared Hezbollah to Hamas. Both need to be compelled to understand that “they’re going down a blind alley with violence that weakens their legitimate claims.” He knows these movements aren’t going away anytime soon (”Those missiles aren’t going to dissolve”), but “if they decide to shift, we’re going to recognize that. That’s an evolution that should be recognized.”

tap.gif Apparently Hamas is a terrorist organization with a “legitimate claim”.

For the love of God make up your bloody mind.

Barrack Obama re-writes history. Prairie Pundit takes him to school.
Don’t know much about history–Obama edition

In defending his stated intent to meet with America’s enemies without preconditions, Sen. Obama said: “I trust the American people to understand that it is not weakness, but wisdom to talk not just to our friends, but to our enemies, like Roosevelt did, and Kennedy did, and Truman did.”

My mind is reeling. Obama is a dunce. A dangerous dunce. Who may be able to manage a 7-11. But the United States of America? It is utterly exasperating he has come as far as he has. What does that say about his mesmerized flock? Plenty…

I assume the Roosevelt to whom Sen. Obama referred is Franklin D. Roosevelt. Our enemies in World War II were Nazi Germany, headed by Adolf Hitler; fascist Italy, headed by Benito Mussolini, and militarist Japan, headed by Hideki Tojo. FDR talked directly with none of them before the outbreak of hostilities, and his policy once war began was unconditional surrender.

FDR died before victory was achieved, and was succeeded by Harry Truman. Truman did not modify the policy of unconditional surrender. He ended that war not with negotiation, but with the atomic bomb.

Harry Truman also was president when North Korea invaded South Korea in June, 1950. President Truman’s response was not to call up North Korean dictator Kim Il Sung for a chat. It was to send troops.

Yes stupidity coupled with ill advised views. Frightening, a truly frightening combination.
I’m updating with this quote from Fausta’s Blog. It covers another facet of Bush’s speech and Obama’s reaction I had forgotten to point out.

But the important thing here is that Obama himself has declared that he would hold unconditional face-to-face talks with Iran and that Hamas and Hezbollah have legitimate grievances (h/t Pamela); and that now he’s saying that he’s under “a false political attack” and that discussing his foreign policy is “dishonest and divisive” (emphasis added):

“I’m a strong believer in civility and I’m a strong believer in a bipartisan foreign policy, but that cause is not served with dishonest, divisive attacks of the sort that we’ve seen out of George Bush and John McCain over the last couple days,”

Absolutely not: Discussing where any Presidential candidate stands on foreign policy is an essential issue of a campaign, as it has world-wide repercussions.

The Obama campaign doesn’t want people to discuss why Hamas is Betsy asks,

Why isn’t it a legitimate question to ponder why Hamas supports Obama?

After all, Hamas is phone banking for Obama:

Hamas phone bank video at link.
/end update

Obama: Israel a “constant sore” that “infects… foreign policy” – Doug Ross

Interviewed in The Atlantic, Barack Obama tells us that Israel is a “constant wound… a constant sore…” and an infection. Gateway Pundit caught Obama’s latest inflammatory remarks.

Jeff Goldberg:— Do you think that Israel is a drag on America’s reputation overseas?
Barack Obama:— No, no, no. But what I think is that this constant wound, that this constant sore, does infect all of our foreign policy. The lack of a resolution to this problem provides an excuse for anti-American militant jihadists to engage in inexcusable actions, and so we have a national-security interest in solving this, and I also believe that Israel has a security interest in solving this because I believe that the status quo is unsustainable. I am absolutely convinced of that, and some of the tensions that might arise between me and some of the more hawkish elements in the Jewish community in the United States might stem from the fact that I’m not going to blindly adhere to whatever the most hawkish position is just because that’s the safest ground politically.

Obama’s remarks seem to parallel those of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

In yet another verbal attack against Israel, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called the Jewish state a “filthy bacteria” whose sole purpose was to oppress the other nations of the region.

“The world powers established this filthy bacteria, the Zionist regime, which is lashing out at the nations in the region like a wild beast,” the Iranian president told supporters at a rally in southern Iran.

Come to think of it, a Mr. A. Hitler had some remarks along these lines.

Against the infection of materialism, against the Jewish pestilence we must hold aloft a flaming ideal. And if others speak of the World and Humanity we say the Fatherland – and only the Fatherland!

H/T’s Larwyn

Hamas endorsing Obama is a predictable turn of events.

Dhimmi Carter & His Kinfolk Cotton to Obama

Ali Abunimah is a Pro Arab Journalist and founder of the Electronic Intifada. He will tell you that Senator Obama is full of crap when he says that he is pro-Israel

If disappointing, given his historically close relations to Palestinian-Americans, Obama’s about-face is not surprising. He is merely doing what he thinks is necessary to get elected

He says that Obama has long been a friend of the Palestinian community, but he knows where the money is. He has changed his position because those in the Pro-Israel camp (American Jews?) have the money to get him elected.

All that and this bag of chips.

Barack Obama, Neocon – Hot Air

Obama didn’t come out swinging, he’s starting to drown. His Iran policy has swerved all over the map, and now he’s adopted the policy he called a huge failure. All of the shrieking and silly claims of victimization can’t hide the fact that he has no clue about foreign policy or even what appeasement means, and his drift from “without preconditions” to the Bush policy of diplomatic and economic isolation over the last few weeks clearly shows it.

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  1. May 18, 2008 12:13 pm

    Great roll-up, VH. God help us if Obama is actually elected President. You can mark that day down as the start of the decline and fall of America and, with it, the West whose tenuous hold on their culture will fall like a lead balloon. Linked.

    GW’s last blog post..The Carnival of the Insanities

  2. May 18, 2008 1:47 pm

    Thanks GW as always.

    An Obama presidency would be nothing short of disastrous. To the tenth power.

    BTW Fausta has a great post on this topic too. I wish I would of seen it while I was putting this together. I’ll update with a snippet from it.

  3. May 19, 2008 3:10 pm

    Isn’t this interesting?

    Obama hijacked phrase from pro-Palestinian friend?

    Both called Israel conflict ‘constant sore’ within days of each other

    JERUSALEM In terming the Israeli-Palestinian conflict a “constant sore” last week, did Sen. Barack Obama borrow the phraseology of a pro-Palestinian activist and harsh critic of Israel who has been described as a friend of the senator?

    Columbia University Professor Rashid Khalidi also previously held a fundraiser for Obama. He has made repeated statements supportive of Palestinian terror.


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