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Baby Murderer Gets Slap on Wrist

May 27, 2008

Whoa! Throwing a baby away in a trash can as if the child is yesterdays refuse is not murder? Perish the thought. Only the much lesser charge of “child endangerment”. Un-freaking-believable! I realize we live in a ‘throw away society’. But that does not include CHILDREN! Worse than abortion. Going full term, giving birth and then tossing a baby over a shoulder as if it is not a precious new life. Cruel, torturous premeditated murder. No more, no less.

Cross posted from Stop The ACLU

AP: Plea deal in death of infant found in trash can

A Montana woman whose newborn son was found dead in a trash bin near the University of Southern California campus in 2005, pleaded no contest to child endangerment Tuesday after four attempts to charge her with murder were dismissed.

Holly Ashcraft, 23, entered the plea in Superior Court to the charge and a special allegation that the endangerment resulted in death.

Under a plea agreement, she will be sentenced June 27 to time already served – about 30 days of jail time and about 695 days of electronic monitoring. She also will be placed on five years’ probation, said

Jane Robison, a spokeswoman for the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office.
Judge Kathleen Kennedy warned Ashcraft she could face up to 10 years in prison if she violates probation.

It was “a fair ending to a tragic situation,” said her attorney, Mark Geragos.

No, the fair ending would have been for this woman, who ***hello folks***, MURDERED HER CHILD, to be sitting in jail until she qualifies for AARP.

And no, this was no tragedy. The word “tragedy” is usually applied to horrible things that happen to innocent people. Figures though, that Geragos, would continue to the further perversion of our language by casting a murderer as a victim. No, this chick hasn’t “suffered enough.”

Michael Vick sits in jail for allowing dogs to be tortured to death and is the object of sustained national rage and ridicule(rightly, of course). This woman tortures a baby to death (don’t anyone dare claim that leaving a newborn in a trashcan is not torture) and gets off with probation and sympathy. In today’s America, dogs are more valuable than babies. Nice.

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  1. May 27, 2008 8:51 pm

    I hadn’t heard about this travesty. Thank you for posting it (even though I feel like my head is about to explode after reading it!)

    I have long thought that our “justice” system is sickly and inappropriately named.

    Sam Pierce’s last blog post..Will Disciples of The Bulbous Goreacle Save Jupiter?

  2. May 27, 2008 9:26 pm

    All I will point out, VH, is that the decision to charge and bring a case to trial is a complex one and has to be based on the ability to obtain a conviction.

    Not that I’m qualified to make this evaluation, but, let me just point out the one line in the article you cite that might have made prosecution for murder difficult – “A coroner’s investigation determined the infant was born alive and died from prematurity and other, unspecified factors.”

    It is possible that this was indeed the best they could get. It might have been impossible to secure a murder conviction since the elements of the crime may not have been demonstrable to a jury.

    While unsatisfying – this is the reality of how our legal system works…

    Personally – I hope she violates probation – then its ten years in the slammer for her.

    Bryan’s last blog post..… What I meant to say was …

  3. Trajan75 permalink
    May 27, 2008 11:20 pm

    This is part of the Left’s plan to weaken the West. They believe in population control. They’re sick.

    Ot- Here’s my pics of CaboSan Lucas, Mexico.

  4. melo permalink
    May 28, 2008 1:47 am

    That is absolutely disgusting. Apparently the value of human life is very little now

    melo’s last blog post..passion of the christ, it ain’t

  5. May 28, 2008 6:41 am


    “A coroner’s investigation determined the infant was born alive and died from prematurity and other, unspecified factors.”

    Isn’t it still murder? Has common sense and logic fell by the wayside? If someone leaves a newborn baby in a trash can. Born prematurely or not the baby could die. And in this case it did. “Unspecified factors”? As in what exactly I’d like to know. All she needed to do is leave the baby at a hospital, or a Church. Is that to much to ask? I think not. They never do, they leave them in trash cans and dumpsters of all places.
    Heavy sigh…

    I am on Stop The ACLU’s blogroll and I am sent articles now and again. I found this news to be exasperating. As “SJ Reidhead ” remarked in a comment at STACLU.

    (Sarcastic) It’s just retroactive abortion.

    Sarcasm aside. I tend to agree.

    You did not leave a link. lol Where are your photos? I’d like to see them. Good to know you made it back safe and sound. 🙂


    True. Unless you are a murderer on death row or some stinking jihadi. Then your life is worth saving. 😉

  6. Heathenhater permalink
    May 28, 2008 10:02 am

    I hate uninformed liberals. They kill babies and vote for obama. NERDS

  7. May 28, 2008 11:22 am


    Libs do not want to be informed. They would become dizzy and spin out of control. Sending them into a tailspin. lol

  8. May 28, 2008 3:08 pm


    Honestly – it may not be “murder.” Not all homicide is “murder”. Murder is defined by statute – it has specific elements. In order to prosecute on those elements – you need to demonstrate every facet of the crime. The prosecutor may not have been able to do that if the child died of factors not attributable to the mother.

    What I am surprised about in this case is that many states have a crime called “reckless indifference,” whereby parents who through their intentional act or acts of negligence can be charged with a crime if those acts result in the death of their children.

    Ultimately the decision to charge is up to the Prosecutor and is determined by the facts that the prosecutor believes he/she can present at trial. Prosecutors don’t necessarily have the evidence they need to make the “maximum charge” stick at trial….

    … plus – you also need to keep the potential for jury nullification in mind…

    Again – just some things to think about…

    Bryan’s last blog post..More Harsh Words for Obama on Trade

  9. June 3, 2008 7:32 pm

    Were they not allowed to bring in that this woman had given birth before, and gone to a hospital? She told the hospital personnel at that time that the baby was stillborn and she had buried it. Apparently there was no investigation, and the baby’s body was never found. This story was part of the original news on this case, but I didn’t see it mentioned at all in the trial news.

    ronni’s last blog post..Follow Your Instinct!

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