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Taking Down Samir [Inshallashshaheed] Khan

June 6, 2008

A s he so richly deserves. And then some. The little puke sneers in the face of all America has given him as he sits in his basement and spits on this country while inciting fellow Islamics. He needs to be taught real Americans won’t stand for his subversive actions during time of war.
The traitorous POS.

The Jawa Report


I disagree with the free speech aspect of the reports saying there is little we can do. Samir Khan has been shown to have connections to various groups aligned with al-Qaeda. He has declared his support for al-Qaeda and as an enemy of the United States. He is a major outlet for terrorist propaganda and has published thinly veiled threats against Rusty and his family. Samir Khan is an enemy propagandist in a time of war and should be treated as such.

There is something you can do. You can complain to Fatima and Sasjamal at his host Muslimpad …

Click for further instructions. Howie has the Fox News video up too.

H/T Larwyn

What do ya say folks. Let’s bring the “worm” down!

Examples of content taken from Samir (Inshallashshaheed) Khan’s blog “The Ignored Puzzle Pieces of Knowledge”. Click away on the links they have been Anonymouse’d for your protection.

Jihaad Media Battalion:: “Help from Allah and Imminent Victory” – Nainawa Spokesman’s speech

As if the above image is not enough. And indeed it is. Let’s see what else Samir has to say for himself.
Here Samir justifies his online activities. All in the name of Allah dont’cha know.
Response to a disbeliever spreading mischief in my neighborhood
Posted by revolution (Samir)

I post pictures of wounded and dead American soldiers so that the American public can realize that their sons are being injured and killed for the sake of Bush –

a man who lied to the entire nation and world about the ‘Iraaq war, a man who unjustly invaded Afghanistan, a man who sends his troops to Somalia, and a man who heavily supports the illegal Occupation of Israel. How can one fight and die for this war criminal?

The Americans, simply put it, need to wake up

An example of Allah’s curse upon a US Soldier

This news item is an example of what happens when Allah’s curse is upon the US Soldier, wallahu ‘Alam. It can come in different ways; this just happens to be one of those ways which are the scariest. Alhamdullilaah, a huge percentage of US Soldiers are cursed with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder); we ask Allah to curse more American soldiers.

In addition, we ask Allah to make the American soldiers realize that the only way out of the curse is to sincerely convert to Islaam.

[…]O Allah, curse them.

O Allah, curse them.

O Allah, curse them.

Destroy the lives of each of these wicked soldiers.

Make them taste humiliation in this life and the next.

Ya Allah! Ya Jabbaar! Ya al-Qawee! Curse these soldiers and make them an example for all nations after them. Make all the nations realize that if they fight You and Your Messenger, You will punish them with a severe punishment.

Secondly, I post the pictures to bring glad tidings to the hearts of the Muslims worldwide. Allah says,

Fight them, Allah will punish them by your hands and bring them to disgrace, and assist you against them and heal the hearts of a believing people. [9:14]

So while the sons of Islaam are fighting to uplift the word of Allah and make the word of the disbelievers low, in the process they bring destruction upon the enemies of Allah, with the help of Allah, and this is what brings happiness to the Muslim world and relieves them.

One point his “neighbor” highlighted on the flyer he passed around.

“We do not condone or encourage any violence against Samir, however, you should stop by and ask him why he does this to the very people who provide him with his good life. He also volunteers at a local Mosque, perhaps they can explain what they are teaching him there.”

Samir’s response…

As for the one who provides me this good life, it is from Allah. It is not from the American Government, or job, or salary etc. Rather, it is Allah who is the provider and He provides whom He wills in order to test them. So whether I am in America, the UK, France, or Russia, Allah tests me with this wealth which He has given me and the life which He has blessed me with. It is a test to see if I stick to the fundamentals of the religion and not stray from it, no matter where I live. It is a test to see if I stick to the Qur’aan and the Sunnah (traditions of Prophet Muhammad) to the best of my ability and not whither here and there for my desires or for the sake of the people. It is a test to see if I live for Allah and die for Allah since living for the sake of disbelief and dying upon it is the path to the Ultimate loss. America is not the provider; rather, she is the means to the provision. Ultimately it is Allah who is the giver and taker of everything and to Him we return alone and stand accountable for the deeds which we did in this life.

“Spit in one hand and wish in the other and see which one gets filled faster”.
Samir should throw out all of his material possessions, food, clothing, electricity, etc. and most of all his computer and wander the streets naked (cringe) and empty handed till the almighty allah (FUBAR) provides him with all he needs. Then he can see how fast allah delivers. Braying jackass.

Glorifying Al-Qaeda.
Ethics of War followed by the Mujaahideen

The following is taken from the forums. Since the media has completely tarnished the image of the Mujaahideen worldwide, the following article will give a new breath of life into the understanding and mentality of the soldiers of Islaam and their immense piety. This will surprise many Americans and should get them to think about how careful the sons of Islaam are versus the carelessness of the American Army in general. There are many similar stories like the one below, so this comes as no surprise to those who are aware of the ethics of the Mujaahideen. We provide this article to show the reality of the other side… a side we don’t hear about often except in negative terms:

Translated by Umm Saad

Once a new member joined the group of Al Qaeda organization at the beginning of the American occupation when they required one more member to complete the shortage of men in order to carry out an operation

That group was an elite group that worked silently, efficiently and expertly. Their number did not exceed 9 but they were 9 human lions led by a defiant Lion, who I can not describe, for my words might fall short in describing his greatness. Can I describe his adherence, or his bravery or his generosity or his liberality or his mental insight or his excessive intelligence?

And we exalt none over Allah.

I had parted with that man (Amir), perhaps for several years, and when I met him again and came to know that he is from the pure men of Al Qaeda I said in myself- Woe to you America! What will happen to you if such are the men of Al Qaeda?

I do not know the mental abilities of “Muhammad Atta”, except what is revealed of his cleverness through the September attacks, but I think this Amir, exceeded the intelligence of Muhammad Atta by, say for, a 100 times.

So you can imagine how enormously clever this man was![…]

Praising and not condemning terrorists but claiming American soldiers represent all America as ambassadors. BUT… thou shall not label violent jihadists as representative of all “Sons of Islam”.
Why we don’t condemn the Mujaahideen

If what the Mujaahideen are doing is something not permissible under Islaamic Law, then we will stay quiet and pray to Allah for guidance (for them). Never will we condemn them to make you happy because they are still better than the disbelievers due to their belief in Allah and His Messenger.

The Mujaahideen are those who practice Jihaad, and not violence; indeed, the media and government want you to believe that the sons of Islaam practice violence.

Every soldier becomes an ambassador of America whether he likes it or not; he is representing America. We never accepted the invasion so you should never expect us to accept the cries of forgiveness and apologies on behalf of its soldiers.

All a mere drop in the bucket.

AGAIN this bastard lives in the US!!!

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  1. June 7, 2008 10:37 pm

    They also used to have this thing called “Aiding and Abetting the Enemy” I think was a crime like treason or something. Intentionally making propaganda for the countries enemies was considered Treason and you could get busted for it, well at least you used to get busted for it. I think we stopped paying attention in the sixties when it was so common people stopped caring.

    This guy is like our own version of Jane Fonda. Maybe he could get a photo op in an al Qaeda run POW camp, well if they had any.

    letters’s last blog post..Obama is a great orator?

  2. June 8, 2008 12:16 pm


    It has been so long since I have had the time to take pleasure in reading your stuff! I see you are still doing a supurb job of news!

    God Bless You!


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