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[Update 2: Scrubbed] Jemaah Islamiyah Terrorist Blog @My Barack

June 8, 2008

Who is watching the fort? This blog has been up since March 31 – 08.


Jemaah Islamiyah For Obama
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About The Author…
Fatima (New York, NY)

We are a group that supports social justice for our oppressed Muslim brothers all over the world. We support Barack Obama for President because he is sympathetic to the plight of Muslims. He is a man of integrity, who will not be bullied by the neo-cons and the zionists. He will stand up for our oppressed palestinian brothers and sisters, whose land is being illegally occupied by that evil zionist entity whose name I just hate to even write.

Greetings Fellow Obama Supporters!
By Fatima – Mar 31st, 2008 at 10:13 pm EDT

Welcome to Jemaah Islamiyah! My name is Fatima, and I’m thrilled to be supporting Barack Obama for President. For now, we have a man of integrity, who will fight for the rights of Muslims everywhere. Allah has blessed us with a man who will stand up to the neoconservatives and the racist zionists. I believe with all my heart that Barack Obama will stop the American occupation of Iraq. No longer will American soldiers be able to kill our women and children with impunity.

Mr. Obama will also talk to Iran’s leader Mahmoud Amadinejad, whom the current chimp in the White House has treated so badly. I mean why should American and Israel be able to have nukes but not Iran? That is very unfair. Obama will right that wrong.

Furthermore, Senator Obama will take a much more rational approach in the Middle East. No longer will that zionist entity, whose name I hate to even write be able to oppress our Palestinian brothers and sisters with impunity. If anyone can stop the illegal occupation of Palestinian lands, I know it is Barack Obama!

H/T’s LGF via Fausta, and the lovely Larwyn

Who may Jemaah Islamiyah be you ask.
Jemaah Islamiyah is linked to the “Bali bombings” among other terrorist attacks.
Jemaah Islamiyah (a.k.a. Jemaah Islamiah) – Council on Foreign Relations

Jemaah Islamiya (JI) – Global

For decades, the Indonesia-based Jemaah Islamiyah has expounded its idea of amalgamating Indonesia, Malaysia and the southern Philippines into a regional Islamic state. Kumpulan Mujahideen Malaysia also has the same ambition.

In October 2002, the United States Government designated the Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) a Foreign Terrorist Organization. JI is an extremist group linked to al-Qaida and other regional terrorist groups and has cells operating throughout Southeast Asia. Extremist groups in the region have demonstrated their capability to carry out transnational attacks in locations where Westerners congregate. Terrorist groups do not distinguish between official and civilian targets.

Jemaah Islamiya is a Southeast Asian terrorist network with links to al-Qaida. The network plotted in secrecy through the late 1990s, following the stated goal of creating an idealized Islamic state comprising Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, the southern Philippines, and southern Thailand.

The name Jemaah Islamiyah dates to the late 1970s, but experts aren’t certain if the name referred to a formal organization or an informal gathering of like-minded Muslim radicals—or a government label for Islamist malcontents. The group has its roots in Darul Islam, a violent radical movement that advocated the establishment of Islamic law in Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim country and also home to Christians, Hindus, and adherents of other faiths. Darul Islam sprang up as the country emerged from Dutch colonial rule in the late 1940s, and it continued to resist the postcolonial Indonesian republic, which it saw as too secular.


Fatima – Profile

LMAO The twit is not even a registered voter. [blink]



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Lie! The “Jemaah Islamiyah For Obama” blog entry has been removed.
Screenshot above tells the tale. Shame, shame, shame on them.

Update 2:

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  1. Liz permalink
    September 7, 2008 7:27 pm

    I don’t know who you are but think about it who are really the terrorist. The U.S. is no saint. innocent people have been killed in Iraq and the so call muslim torrist were not even in Iraq. So it alright for the U.S. to kill but you are a torrist if you attack the U.S. Don’t you know What about goes around comes around. What about Kardofy (spelling is wrong but you get my drift) whom the U.S. killed his whole family.

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