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Islamic Economic Jihad

June 26, 2008

Dhimmitude enforced via economic blackmail.

modanish-cartoon1.jpgIslam the fragile religion of arrogance still
pissy over the Danish mo toons.

“Messenger of Allah Unites Us” Campaign condemns Danish embassy attack but holds Copenhagen responsible


The Messenger of Allah Unites Enslaving Us Infidels Campaign has strongly condemned the use of violence as a response to the attacks against Islam and the Prophet Mohammed (s) in many western countries, including Denmark and Netherlands. It has condemned the attack on the Danish embassy in Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad, today but placed the blame squarely at the door of the Danish authorities for not acting decisively against those who launched a campaign against Islam by publishing the offensive cartoons.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me get this straight. A little ‘ol cartoon is to blame for certain muslims foaming at the mouth. How preposterous is that? No mention of blame on those who can not control themselves. Danish authorities should of supported anti-free speech Islamic law by God! How dare they! Heh.
What they are saying is that they choose extortion over violence. Some comfort.
The end results remain the same. Dhimmitude.

The head of the campaign, Dr. Zakaria Al Sheikh, said that the violence by Muslims against western interests helps to promote the objectives of those who insult Muslims. The cartoons aim to incite Muslims to violence and when such violence occurs then the world views all Muslims as being aggressive and militant. Hence, Muslims will be responsible for contributing to damaging their own image. In this way the climate is created for action to be taken against Muslims because they are then viewed as being dangerous and violent. In the end, the Zionist agenda to subjugate the Muslim world would thus be achieved, said Dr Al-Sheikh.

He said that all acts of violence against those who insult Islam must cease forthwith and the new approach of a concerted and coordinated boycott campaign encompassing the media, trade, the law and diplomacy must be adopted. This approach is already proving to be highly effective since it was initiated a short while ago. Concurrently, the concept of free speech must be debated vigorously and the misuse of the media by these unscrupulous parties must be exposed.

Al-Sheikh emphasized that an international law has to be adopted by all countries that will criminalize any act deemed to be insulting of Islam. This is the only way to stave off any violent backlash by Muslims who feel deeply offended.

Who has the biggest balls of them all? Not that these backwards jackass’ would care BUT…

Why I Published Those Cartoons
…But if a believer demands that I, as a nonbeliever, observe his taboos in the public domain, he is not asking for my respect, but for my submission. And that is incompatible with a secular democracy.
~ Flemming Rose

Boycott campaign moves ahead, issues new poster

Support these companies.
The hell with the Islamic mafioso. Make them eat their words.


A new poster, released earlier this week, displays new items, including a major Dutch electronics brand, while others were removed, including ‘“Anchor” dairy products, which comes from New Zealand.

Others were removed after their manufacturers joined the campaign, which offers businesses a way out if they meet four conditions submit to our blackmail: Publicly denounce the Dutch and Danish actions in the media, and support the lawsuits and the creation of an international law.

Dutch food group, Zwanenberg, which exports “ZWAN” products to the Kingdom, was one of the companies exempted from the boycott after it joined the campaign and published an open letter in Arabic dailies.

“Zwanenberg announces its solidarity with the ‘Messenger of Allah Unites Us Campaign’ in its endeavours to pass an international legislation to stop any insult of any religion including Islam and Prophet Mohammad (PBUH),” the letter reads.

Boycott Zwanenberg and Anchor Dairy. Make it clear to Zwanenberg & Anchor Dairy you are dhimmi foodstuff intolerant.

The campaign spokesman, Zakaria Al Sheikh defends the boycott.

“The economic boycott is our freedom, we reject any violent activity, we do not force others to listen or blacklist shops that choose to carry boycotted items and we only ask that the mother company denounces the hurtful actions and supports the international law,” Sheikh said.

In his view, the campaigners should be “thanked” by the Dutch and Danish. “We have created a way for Muslims to vent their frustrations and leave no room for extremists to use the excuse that the Islamic world has not done anything,” Sheikh added.

WTH? Thanked for their blackmailed dhimmitude?

It continues to go downhill from there.

Jordanian MPs call government to summon Dutch, Danish ambassador
The notification of the Jordanian MPs

AMMAN- Eleven members of the Jordanian parliament have submitted yesterday an official investigative notification to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Salah Al Din Al Bashir, demanding the government to summon the ambassadors of Denmark and the Netherlands and probe accusations that they are holding meetings with agents of Danish and Dutch companies in Jordan to incite them to take action against the “Messenger of Allah Unites Us,” campaign.

MP Ali Al Dala’een, in a statement released yestarday, condemned the Danish and Dutch ambassadors’ daily meetings with traders in Jordan under the pretext that they seek to enhance economic ties between Jordan and their countries.

These meetings were held after the launch of the “Live Without It” campaign aimed at boycotting Danish and Dutch products.

Al Dala’een said that the heads of the missions are instigating the traders against the members of the campaign.

Dala’een asked the government to expel the ambassadors.

Zakaria Al Sheikh defends the boycott.
“The economic boycott is our freedom”

In turn if the heads of the missions are instigating the traders against the members of the campaign. They would be free to do so. As is their freedom.

Two can play this game you ignorant arrogant blow hards.
This campaign is an attempt to enforce international Islamic anti-blasphemy laws.


Any one who follows along and pledges solidarity with these heathen bullies are opening the floodgates. There are future implications that not even the most cowardly appeaser would welcome, once established. The mentally ill sheep towing the mentally ill bullies line.


Ba, ba dhimmi sheep have you any wool? Yes sir, yes sir three bags full. Bow dhimmi sheep bow!
Yes sir, yes sir.

If I could get within spitting distance I would spit in their faces. Perhaps even at the risk of death.
At least then I would face my maker with the knowledge of my standing up to
and spiting in the face of PURE EVIL.

Having reached my boiling point, I am not sure how much longer I can post on this topic.

Tip of my hat to Diana West – Brussels Journal.
Islamic Blackmail, Western Surrender?

Aha: The “ultimate goal” is to outlaw debate and dissent about the totalitarian tenets of Islamic ideology. This is a goal being simultaneously pursued on all fronts.

Also see:
Liberty Ditched for Sausages: boycott these cowards!

Last Friday we reported here that Jordan is seeking the extradition and prosecution of Dutch Freedom Party politician Geert Wilders on three counts:

– racism – incitement to hatred – insulting Muslims and Islam –

An Amman Court last Monday accepted the charges against Wilders on account of the short film “Fitna” pressed by a Jordanian group called “The Messenger of Allah Unites Us.” “Fitna” outlines the dangers of radical Islam for democratic society. (Link to “Fitna”)

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  1. June 26, 2008 9:06 pm

    Have you heard about this front? Author Ian McKewan is under fire!

    Always On Watch’s last blog post..Weekly Radio Show: June 27 — Authors Bosch Fawstin And Steven Bradley

  2. June 26, 2008 9:52 pm

    Good God. No I hadn’t AOW.

    You would have thought that the novelist of all artists would understand this. Apparently not. But at least McEwan, Amis and the rest are showing one thing: that the condemnation of that which you have no wish to understand is as much the prerogative of the secularists as it is of the religious.

    🙄 Au contraire foolish, foolish Adrian. They do understand.
    Velvet hands Adrian a toothpick to dislodge the sand stuck between Adrian’s teeth. A sure sign of burying his(?) head in the sand for far to long.


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