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Obama is not the man Kos thought he was.

July 1, 2008

Or wanted him to be. Which..evuh.
What a tasty bedtime snack.

Kos is withholding Obama’s allowance, since BO bit the hands that feed him. He disses & Wesley Clark then Kos retaliates. A vicious circle of jerks. Yowsa!
Lefty cannibals gone wild!

Get a load of the title!

Rewarding good behavior

Aint it rich. You can bet your sweet potatoes it is.

That’s it. No need to freak out. It is what it is. Others will happily pick up the slack. We’re headed toward a massive Democratic wave, and what I decide to do with my money means next to nothing, no matter how much hyperventilating may happen on this site’s comments and diaries about it all.

And if for some crazy hard-to-see reason my money actually is important to the Obama campaign, then they can adjust their behavior to get it.

“Adjust their behavior to get it”. Smack down! Show ’em whose boss big boy.

Barack is up against the wall here. Does he want to ride the “short Kos bus”?
Or be thrown under it?


Maintaining the status quo.

We have a dangerous fascist powerhouse in the military industrial complex that we’re trying to shove from power. I personally would lie to defeat them.
bob zimway

Bob’s panties must be to tight. Why are there no real men on the left? Blech! Wussies.


Speaking of O’s campaign financing. Or the supposed lack there of…
OBAMA: CAMPAIGN CHANGE! A lie you can beLieve in… – Atlas Shrugs


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