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Unveiling The Burka As A Security Threat

July 18, 2008

A re burkas security threats? Yes.
Should they be banned in the West? Most assuredly so.


The Niqab and Burqa as Security Threats – Daniel Pipes

I wrote a week ago, in a blog for National Review Online, that the niqab and burqa should both be banned on security grounds, “as one cannot have faceless persons walking the streets, driving cars, or otherwise entering public spaces.” Although a problem with historic roots (Iraqi irregulars disguised themselves in the Palestinian town of Deir Yassin in 1948), this blog will document the current dangers, especially in the West, of the burqa and niqab as a disguise.

Jewelry theft in Canada – November 21, 2006
Murder suspect flees UK – December 20, 2006
Jewelry theft in India – December 29, 2006
Philadelphia bank robbed – January 6, 2007
Bank robbers in London – February 10, 2007
Another Philadelphia bank – June 5, 2007
Bosnian bank robbed – July 3, 2007
Burqa used to rob North Carolina bank – October 17, 2007
Armed men rob British jewelery store – March 22, 2008

Several more cases can be found here where you will find a running list.

Note: I’ve only listed the civilian cases.

Pipes expounds further here:

[…] In contrast, burqas and niqabs should be banned in all public spaces because they present a security risk. Anyone might lurk under those shrouds – female or male, Muslim or non-Muslim, decent citizen, fugitive, or criminal – with who knows what evil purposes.[…]

[…] Nothing in Islam requires turning females into shapeless, faceless zombies; good sense calls for modesty itself to be modest. The time has come everywhere to ban from public places these hideous, unhealthy, socially divisive, terrorist-enabling, and criminal-friendly garments.

The imminent danger of possible terrorist attacks involving burka clad jihadists is a real threat.

And should not to be taken lightly.


“Veil-wearing Muslim women are part of our fight – al-Qaeda chief,”

The statement – said to have been issued by al-Qaeda’s “media arm” al-Sahab – praised Muslim women who insist on wearing the Islamic veil despite pressures not to in some Western lands. He described anyone doing that as “a soldier in the battle of Islam against the Zionist- Crusader attack

In Western lands mind you.
From which they are FREE TO LEAVE!

Enough to seal the deal. Ban the burka. Now.

All emphasis mine.

Shining, gleaming, streaming, flaxen, waxen…
Video: “Suicide Killers – The Cult Of The Suicide Bomber”
Burka Bomb in Pakistan

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  1. July 20, 2008 2:51 am

    This must be done, but I can’t see it happening for a while unfortunately.
    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe cares
    what women wear

    they should all wear tents
    almost suffocating

    USpace’s last blog post..Join Velvet Hammer Helping Spread the ‘Make Your Own Obama Poster’ Craze Worldwide…

  2. July 20, 2008 1:41 pm

    Covering a woman as beautiful as Velvethammer with a burka would be a crime against mankind. Thank God, she lives in a country where such a travesty will never occur.

    I do have to admit, I would like to watch her beat the crap out of the first mullah that tried to force her to wear one.

    Ronin’s last blog post..Islamic Sharia Allows Men to Rape their Wives

  3. July 22, 2008 6:21 pm

    yeah..well..the sooner the better I say!


    lol Now you have gone and made me 😳

    Muhahahaha a crap beating they would get too!
    There is nothing wrong with a burka that a pair of scissors wouldn’t fix. 😛 A few inches off here… a slit there… Viola! Fashion wins over potato sack. Score!

  4. July 22, 2008 7:35 pm

    Hmmmmm, If I promise not to post it on youtube will you send me a picture of you modeling this modified burka?

    Ronin’s last blog post..Senior Taliban Commander Surrenders to British Forces in Afghanistan

  5. August 7, 2008 12:08 pm


    LOL! Nice try!

    I was being factitious. No such burka exists.


  6. August 8, 2008 8:18 pm

    SOK, Velvet I posted your picture on my blog and damn girl you worked it.

    Ronin’s last blog post..Random House Publishers Go Dhimmi


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