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Hype: The Obama Effect

July 22, 2008

Exposing the underbelly of the media’s anointed one,
Barack “Messiah” Obama.

Embedded video

HYPE – The Obama Effect Movie Trailer
The official Movie Trailer for Citizens United’s upcoming feature length documentary on Barack Obama.

About the Movie
Citizens United Productions examines the phenomenon that is Barack Obama. HYPE: The Obama Effect examines the Junior Senator from Illinois and his record. Is he the new Kennedy or recycled Jimmy Carter? Is he the one who will finally change Washington, or will challenges like the Tony Rezko trial reveal politics as usual? Is he the uniter the country begs for, or a liberal divider? HYPE: The Obama Effect seeks the answers.

Including interviews with political leaders, media experts, and social commentators, HYPE provides the in-depth analysis that can only occur in a full-length feature documentary. HYPE goes to Illinois and interviews those who know the Senator’s record as a state legislator. Go on the road with the campaign and experience the enthralled crowds as they are consumed by the HYPE. Washington insiders analyze Senator Obama’s Senate record, his views on abortion, his statements on the second amendment, his plan for a troubled economy, and his foreign policy-will the US be safer or will the US become a bigger target? Will Senator Obama’s actions match his eloquence in the toughest job in the world, or will his rapt and motivated crowds be left with little substance at the end of the day? HYPE: The Obama Effect lays out the truth.

Cross section of commentary across the blogosphere:

From the right…
Van Helsing – Moonbattery

How is it possible that a left-wing radical with virtually no relevant experience can be taken seriously as a presidential candidate? Don’t look for the media to offer any insight into the absurd yet terrifying Obama phenomenon: it’s the media that drives it.

Of course they won’t they are blinded by the unbearable lightness of Obama…

Next up a PUMA blogger muses on the surge of Obamaniacs playing dirty…
Uppity Woman

Based on what I have seen on the internet, I expect they will need a police presence in the theaters because Obama supporters don’t like their Plastic Jesus being criticized. It can be dangerous to your health.

Funny how that is the first thing that crossed my mind once I learned of the documentary’s release.

Here we have a Kos Komrade applying the derogatory and down right discriminatory “Uncle Tom”, “Oreo” and “Tio Taco” terms in a slam towards some who appear in the documentary.
Deoliver47 – Daily Kos

Wait till you see the star-studded cast Bossie has lined up for his puke-umentary, including some of my all time favorite Oreo’s.
What saddens me I suppose is the overload of black faces to do the dirty work. But there have always been Tom’s and Tio Tacos and some folks will do anything for their 15 minutes of infamy so I guess this speaks to equal opportunity bigotry and wrong-headedness.

After some criticism of the terms “Oreo” and “Tio Taco” being used. The Kos diarist (Feminist, Activist, former Young Lords Party and Black Panther Party member, applied cultural anthropologist) Shocking I know. 🙄
responded thusly…

Doc I have to disagree

I am perfectly comfortable calling certain folks Oreo’s – or Tio Taco’s – if they use their skin color to put themselves in a place to then undermine the advancement of other folks of the same color.

It would be nice if we had a succinct term to describe those colonized mentality folks who side with their oppressors and function from a place of self-hatred – until someone comes up with a neat tag – I’ll stick to Oreo. I think folks know what is meant by the term.

“Black Republicans” seem to be littering the airwaves – have no idea where they find them all. It’s the new ticket to a pundit chair, it seems.

I hope and pray there will be a major presidential candidate (of conservative and minority flavor) in the not so distant future. How will all of the sanctimonious race baiter’s react then?

Like a deer caught in the headlights most likely.

Lastly…just for kicks. ‘Cause is just to damn funny!
bitchassness LOL!

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