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Nutroots Outrage

July 22, 2008


The whiny cry baby bullies of DailyKos thought they were within their rights to force the removal of the article. A mind numbing assumption on it’s own.

But worse yet the paper submitted to their demands.

DailyKos Thugs Bully Paper to Pull Netroot Nation Story – News Busters

The original article by the Statesman’s Patrick Beach knocked the nutrooters for the so-called “surprise” Gore visit, said it turned into a “faint-in,” and that their general feeling was “terribly self-confirming,” among other snippy comments… fun, but snippy

So, in the true spirit of “tolerance,” respect for “freedom of speech,” and an interest in a “free press,” the denizens of the DailyKos whipped themselves up into a frenzy of complaints.

Outrage, frenzy, intolerance, stifling free speech.

Gee who does that remind you of?



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