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Questions Obama Should Be Asked…But Most Likely Never Will Be

July 26, 2008


1. Why does Senator Obama advocate a surge of troops in Afghanistan though he considers a surge of troops in Iraq to have been a mistake?

2. Why is a stable Afghanistan crucial to US interests while a stable Iraq is not?

3. How long does Senator Obama expect to keep troops in Afghanistan?

4. Why is an open-ended commitment in Afghanistan manageable while the same in Iraq is not?

5. How much does Senator Obama expect to spend rebuilding Afghanistan?

6. Why is rebuilding Afghanistan affordable while rebuilding Iraq is not?

7. Why does Senator Obama consider the ethno-sectarian issues in Iraq to be nearly intractable while in Afghanistan they are something we can overcome?

8. If leaving Iraq will make the Iraqi government behave more responsibly, how will an increased presence in Afghanistan affect the Afghan government?

9. Why does Senator Obama advocate a “surge in diplomacy” and multilateralism in Iraq while simultaneously advocating unilateral action in the Pakistani tribal areas?

10. How large of a “residual force” will be left in Iraq and for how long?

H/T Doug Ross via Parkway Rest Stop

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  1. July 27, 2008 11:46 am

    Really good questions. But Obama doesn’t answer questions that require thought, only ones that can be answered with a meaningless campaign slogan.

    Robert D’s last blog post..The Media Loves Obama

  2. July 27, 2008 7:31 pm

    I have some questions for the obamunist:

    *Why do you want pit employees against employers?
    *Why do you tell the American voter that you are going to give them a tax break when the facts are from your own words that you will be raising their taxes?
    *Why didn’t you advertise the fact that you gave out free food, beer, and two free concerts before and after your stupid ass speech in Germany?
    *Why won’t you tell the American voter that you really are a Communist? Are you ashamed of this fact? If you believe that the Communist form of government is so great, why are you hiding your support for it?
    *Why is it that you trust the voter to vote for you, but you don’t trust the voter to care for their own families and businesses without your complete control?

    No Compromise’s last blog post..Obama’s audacity for change, takes America further toward a Communistic end


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