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RNC Launches Facebook Parody Site for Obama “” [Updated]

July 29, 2008

Oh, smmaacckk! The Obama camp bitch slapped by the RNC. Deliciously brilliant. Particularly since Chris Hughes a co-founder of Facebook left the company in 2007 to work on Obama’s new-media campaign.

There will be frothing at the mouth over this.
All the better.

Barack Obama’s friends at are (most of the) the usual suspects.
Though noticeably missing are mentors Jeremiah Wright and Michael Pfleger, among a few others. For instance his “bitter half” Michelle.

Assorted reviews:

“Wickedly funny” – Linda @ Right As Usual Credit Where Credit Is Due
I have been a pretty harsh critic of the RNC and its Internet operations. I have argued for some time that the RNC really doesn’t foster a sense of creativity or innovation. While I still maintain that is generally true, I have to admit I really like their latest project
– MichaelTurk @ The Next Right

You gotta give props where props are due. This time the Republican National Committee hit it out of the park with BarackBook, a parody of FaceBook’s Obama pages.
– bmerry7 @ The Real Barack Obama

I think this a clever idea with a lot of potential.
– Merv @Prairie Pundit

Very funny parody of FaceBook! The RNC did a fine job on this.
– Pam @Right Voices

Obots green with envy they did not think of it first. No doubt.

Bonus points to anyone who makes a facebook page mocking Mcsame and to anyone who can get to crash!!
– clubfed34 @DailyKos

Copy-catiness and encouraging web terrorism. Nice.

In an attempt to appear internet savvy, the Republican National Committee has launched “BarackBook,” a terrible parody of Facebook that some dweeb in the McCain campaign probably thinks is just the bee’s knees in political humor,
– Jason @HuffPo

Bees knees? 😆 Jason’s so hip it hurts.

What does Hate Look like?
Check out the Republican’s newest attempt at hatin’ on Barack Obama — BarackBook…a parody I guess- ambboogie @O Hell Nawl – The Blog

Pluease! Not everyone in this country pants after the lefts chosen one.


Ben Smith –
When O-Brownshirts attack.


Well, it is clear the bots and the liberals are very, very selective when it comes to anyone but them expressing an opinion in this country. Sieg heil!
Posted By: Jill | July 29, 2008 at 07:08 PM

Jill: “Well, it is clear the bots and the liberals are very, very selective when it comes to anyone but them expressing an opinion in this country. Sieg heil!” ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
And exactly which political party here is trying to suppress freedom of speech?
Posted By: | July 29, 2008 at 08:01 PM

The above commenter should be told that Obama’s YouTube account heavily moderates comments. When posting a reply you will receive this message.
“pending till approval” On the other side of the aisle McCain’s YouTube has open comments.

Exactly which political party here is trying to suppress freedom of speech? Heh. Of course each account whether it be Obam’s or the RNC thread at FaceBook has every right to moderate comments. I just find it interesting that some are more stringent than others. The RNC’s BarackBook at FaceBook had open comments till the trollish Obot terrorists thought they would put a screw in the works. Juvenile. No wonder they have fallen under the Obamessiah’s spell. They are weak simpletons.

What does “hate look like”?

I want conservatives to die miserable deaths.
Posted By: Concerned Negro | July 29, 2008 at 07:10 PM


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    Now, this is a useful tool!

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