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Glass House

August 1, 2008

Thou shalt not call out the Omighty One

He’s a glass—-house
The Omighty One,…can’t take what he—-dish out.
He’s a glass—-house

McCain Camp Says Obama Is Playing ‘Race Card’
NY Times

[…]Mr. Davis’s comments came as the McCain campaign has adopted a far more aggressive, negative posture toward Mr. Obama in recent days, trying to define him as arrogant, out of touch and unprepared for the presidency. But until this week, the McCain campaign had not invoked race[…].

Negative? I think not. Constructive criticism perhaps. Obama sits astride a high horse it does not harm him the least bit to be knocked off of it. He could use a lesson in humility. He is falling for his own hype. Untie the knots in your girly panties and buck up. This is politics for God sake.

He who laughs at himself, shall forever be amused. Sense of humor..get one.

And let me get this straight. Stumping in Springfield Obama insinuates McCain is racist. In responding to what was an obvious direct hit McCain’s camp had “invoked race”? The chicken came before the egg my friends. The only one in this campaign who is obsessed with Obama’s race is Obama. Team Obama baited McCain’s camp and laid in wait for a response then they turned things around. Race baiting 101.

Obama Strategist: McCain Camp Manufactured Race Debate

Barack Obama’s top strategist said Friday that John McCain’s campaign manufactured a racial debate when it accused Obama of “playing the race card” the day before.[…]

[…]Strategist David Axelrod defended the Illinois senator, saying he was just being “self-mocking” when he told a Missouri crowd that Republicans would try to scare voters by saying he doesn’t look like “all those other presidents on the dollar bills.”

“Nobody reported it as a racial comment. … The only time this became an issue was when (McCain campaign manager) Rick Davis and their campaign decided to kick it up and make it a racial issue,” Axelrod said on NBC’s “Today.”[…]

Nobody reported it as a racial comment. Oh thats a shocker. /sarc
Considering how gaga the press are over Obama.
Which brings me to…
The Obama camp has released a new McCain ‘attack attack ad ad’, “Low Road
Using the following quotes from the Obamapress in defense of McCain attacks.
Biased and unbalanced.

John McCain Attacks On Obama
“Not true” – MSNBC 7/28/08
“False” Fact 7/28/08
“Baloney” USA Today Editorial 7/20/08
“The Low Road” New Yorks Times Editorial 7/30/08
“Baseless” Time 7/30/08

If O becomes POTUS (God forbid) I can just hear the press conferences now. Ooooo that tie brings out the color in your eyes. Fantastic speech I could listen to you all day. Encore! Encore!

Moving along…
This is good! I found it via the comment thread on The Edwards Report post “The Church Of Obama” A great read too! Be sure to check it out.

Comment #4

The Book of The Obamassiah

The Obamassiah shall reveal himself to us by his teachings, which will be the spoken word in the form of the finest silk and silver.

Do not fear if the words of the Obamassiah are not at first clear, you need only to hear them and believe. Be not afraid if the feeling of a cool breeze runs up one’s leg. Do not fear if the words of his glory remove you from your senses and fainting occurs.

Our savior shall become known to us by the wreath of arugala upon his head and his ears for they shall take the form of the handles of a jug of the finest wine.

I. Thou shalt not speak the middle name of the Obamassiah. To do so exposes thine as a racist and it shall not be tolerated.

II. Thou shalt not mention past associations of the Obamassiah. To do so exposes thine as a racist. For despite any recent or current friendship his holiness may have with them, he was only a child when they ran afoul of the law. Or he missed that sermon.

III. Thou shalt not mention praise of the Obamassiah by murderers and tyrants. To do so exposes thine as a racist, it is a sign that thine has truly lost one’s bearings.

IV. Thou shalt not mention the schooling of the Obamassiah at any point in his existence. To do so exposes thine as a racist.

V. Thou shalt not question the Obamassiah more than eight times. To do so exposes thine as a racist. For the time of his holiness is of a value beyond your own.

VI. Thou shalt not question the past of the Obamassiah family arrival or his birth. To do so exposes thine as a racist. For events in time matter not if they occur differently than his holiness speaks of them. It matters only that you believe.

VII. Thou shalt not question the words of the Obamassiah’s spouse. For if her words mirror those of the past associations of his holiness then thine is a racist twice over for the mention of them. (see II)

VIII. The purveyors of words to the people shall cast only praise on the Obamassiah. To turn from this exposes thine as a racist and a soldier of the unbeliever and thine should be cast out and lose any source of livelihood.

IX. Thou shalt not question the patriotism of the Obamassiah. To do so exposes thine as a racist. For by not displaying any outward love for his land only proves his love for his land.

Those unenlightened to the truth, and the light, and the way of the Obamassiah shall cling to armaments and religions other than that of the Obamassiah and will mistrust his glory for they understand it not.

This is the word of the Obamassiah.


Comment by Cardinal Fang | July 31, 2008

crybaby-ht_the_truth_060727_ssv.jpg So how about it Omighty One are you going to continue to act like a sissy throughout the entire general election? Or are you going to man up?
Oops I guess not


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  1. Paul permalink
    August 1, 2008 8:24 pm

    Can someone explain this one:

    III. Thou shalt not mention praise of the Obamassiah by murderers and tyrants. To do so exposes thine as a racist, it is a sign that thine has truly lost one’s bearings.

    Sorry… I’m a little slow to figure this out.

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