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Islamisation of the West

August 22, 2008

Islam’s ravenous appetite has breeched the borders. If it is not successful in it’s un-holy quest of consuming the entire West, it will not be for a lack of trying….

Efficiency of knowledge? – Stop Islamiseringen af Danmark


[…]Repatriation and other necessary measures must be implemented to save our Denmark. The EU clearly does not wish nor have the the will to pave the way. On the contrary – alas! From 2010 we must live in a EURO-MEDITERRANIAN Union which ensures the free movement of people and goods from 9 Muslim Mediterranean countries, guarantees respect for Islam and engages in a cultural partnership with those Muslim countries. It is through such secret agreements that the EU’s works, that began with “The klokkerene Agreement” in 1973.[…]

Emphasis theirs.

…aided by the quisling left, Islam’s hand maidens whom have sold their souls.

They share common ground.

And are more than willing to obey and betray.

As Fjordman writes for The Brussels Journal
The Council of Europe Fights “Islamophobia”

I recently wrote an essay regarding how the Council of Europe, in close cooperation with the European Union, the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), the Arab League and other Islamic organizations, are working to combat “Islamophobia” in Europe by all means necessary. Now the French blog Galliawatch takes a look at the CoE as well. This should be considered required reading for all those numerous people who still stubbornly dismiss Eurabia as a “conspiracy theory.” The CoE and the EU are implementing policies aimed to rewrite school textbooks throughout the European continent in order to provide a positive and non-threatening view of Islam. They are thus indoctrinating our children to accept Islam.

Council of Europe member states should continue to be vigilant in their work to prevent and combat the phenomenon of Islamophobia.[…]

Read it all!

H/T Godefroi – A Defending Crusader…

The United Nations willfully bows and scrapes for their masters…

U.N. Bans Criticism of Islam – Islam In Action

[…]…and now Muslims have gotten the United Nations to ban the criticism of Islam in regards to human rights events. The effort to install this censorship was spearheaded by delegates from Egypt, Pakistan and Iran. Is it me, or should these countries even have a say on the Human Rights Commission? Countries where non-Muslims and even Muslims have little rights. Isn’t freedom of speech a “human right”? I guess not under Islam….[…]

Permit me to further illustrate by way of this powerful video.

Embedded video

Confronting the Islamitization of the West @YouTube

A fight worth fighting for if one considers the alternative.

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