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Something Every “Blue Collar Worker” Needs To Know Before They Vote [updated]

August 28, 2008

Look for the Union label.

Barack Obama and his Union cohorts in organized labor have been conspiring to strip workers of the only true democratic choice, “secret ballots” in favor of “card checks”

Red Planet Cartoons: Prepare To Be Carded

The Washington Times
Thursday, July 31, 2008
Obama supports union organizing

Legislation that would make it more difficult for workers to hold a private ballot vote in unionization drives, which critics say would lead to harassment and intimidation, has spurred a pitched battle between powerful labor unions supportive of Sen. Barack Obama and big business in the presidential campaign.

Seen by the AFL-CIO as a way to boost union rolls by hundreds of thousands (In turn lining their pockets – VH) of new members, the hotly-contested bill has become this year’s No. 1 election issue for organized labor. Mr. Obama, the presumptive Democratic nominee, has promised union bosses that the Employee Free Choice Act will become law in 2009 if he wins the presidency in November.

“We’re ready to play offense for organized labor. It’s time we had a president who didn’t choke saying the word ‘union.’ A president who strengthens our unions by letting them do what they do best: organize our workers,” Mr. Obama told the AFL-CIO in Philadelphia on April 2.

I will make it the law of the land when I’m president of the United States,” Mr. Obama told the labor federation.

Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain, a staunch opponent of the bill, has said it would deny a democratic right of workers to decide by secret ballot whether they will come under union representation or not.

The bill is “a poorly-disguised attempt by the labor unions to swell their ranks at the expense of workers’ rights and employers. John McCain strongly opposes the efforts of the labor unions to strip working Americans of their right to a private ballot in deciding whether or not to organize as a union,” the McCain campaign said. […]

[…]But Mr. Obama is quoted in the AFL-CIO campaign Web site flatly saying the proposed law “will allow workers to form a union through majority sign-up and card-checks and strengthen penalties for those employers who are in violation” – thus bypassing the ballot procedure. Union leaders have said they prefer this to an open election in which employers and unions compete for worker votes.

The House passed the card-check bill last year by a 241-185 vote, but it was blocked in the Senate where Democrats fell nine votes short of the 60 votes needed to end a GOP filibuster

Last week, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the nation’s largest business lobby, announced it was launching the Workforce Freedom Initiative, a counteroffensive against the AFL-CIO’s efforts to “take away the protection of a private ballot, giving union organizers free rein to publicly pressure workers into signing cards stating support for a union. This is un-American,” said Chamber President Tom Donohue.

The Chamber will mount a “multimillion-dollar effort [to] galvanize small-business owners, workers, community leaders and citizens to preserve the rights and freedoms of Americans in the workplace,” Mr. Donohue said.

“The obvious intention and design of the bill is to eliminate private ballots as the primary means of certifying unions in this country,” said Steven Law, the Chamber’s chief counsel.[…]

Labor Day Message from Barack Obama – AFL-CIO Blog
I have a screenshot

by Donna Jablonski, Sep 1, 2008

“It’s time you had a partner in the White House,” presidential candidate Barack Obama says in a video Labor Day message to America’s working families. Promising to end tax breaks for companies that send jobs overseas, to sign the Employee Free Choice Act and to deliver tax relief to 95 percent of working families, Obama says: […]

More here at Power Line
August 4, 2008
Barack Obama — fighting to reduce worker free choice

[…]Obama, naturally, is more than happy to go along with the anti-democratic, pro-union legislation. Thus, his website proclaims his support for legislation that “will allow workers to form a union through majority sign-up and card-checks.”

However, the Obama campaign, being the Obama campaign, refuses fully to own up to what it’s supporting. Instead, as Lambro reports, the campaign tries to have it both ways. Thus, Obama spokesperson Nick Shapiro says:

This is simply a debate over process. But it is up to the workers, and they should be free to choose their process. If they wish to vote by secret ballot instead of a card-check process, they can. The law does not strip them of that right.

But under current law, the union doesn’t become an employee’s representative unless a majority of the workers confers that status in a secret election under as close to “laboratory conditions” as the NLRB can ensure. Under the law Obama wholeheartedly supports, if the union, under unsupervised conditions, can browbeat more than half of the employees into signing cards, there is no election. Thus, the Obama campaign is correct that the debate is over process, but it is deceitful in claiming that workers will always be free to choose their process. […]

[…]JOHN adds: The point of the unions’ “card check” proposal is to empower union goons to visit employees, armed with baseball bats or with suspicious bulges under their jackets, to pose the ominous question: “You’re for the union, aren’t you?” When the first employee who refuses to sign the union’s card is found lying in a ditch, the remainder of the organizing campaign will go very smoothly indeed. Ask yourself: if the unions don’t want to abolish the secret ballot so that they will be free to intimidate workers, then why do they want to abolish the secret ballot?

That such thuggery could be a serious prospect in 21st century America is deeply disgraceful.

Simply put…

Dear 44: Union’s card check gimmick – Politico

Taking away workers’ ability to make an informed decision about a union in private isn’t “free choice” — it’s tyranny.

Emphasis mine

Suggested reading. Roll up your sleeves and dig in.
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AFL-CIO playing the race card. How dare they.

Unions try playing the race card

There are people who are not going to vote for him because he’s black….”

Near the bottom of the article however, is the most offensive whopper:

“AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Richard Trumka, while speaking to the United Steelworkers convention in Las Vegas in July, said Mr. Obama is the only candidate left in the presidential race who is on the side of working people.

“There’s not a single good reason for any worker – especially any union member – to vote against Barack Obama,” he said. “There’s only one really bad reason to vote against him: because he’s not white.

“Mr. Obama is the only candidate left in the presidential race who is on the side of working people.”?????

See above article. Then decide for yourselves.

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