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“Obama’s Strange Bedfellows”

September 9, 2008

When you sleep with vermin, you wake up with vermin.

What if any of the scum have dirt on Obama and would hold it over his head if (God forbid) he becomes President? It is frightening to imagine what they would expect as favors in return for keeping their traps shut.

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Get to know the people the man one step away from the most powerful job in the world calls friend, mentor, & spiritual advisors

A big tip ‘o my carmen_hat_tip.gif to HansGruen for this video.

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Obama & ACORN: Old Media Negligence on Parade – American Thinker

Lee Cary

How come the old big media has ignored Barack Obama’s association with the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN)?

American Thinker writers, including Patrick Casey and Rick Moran, have addressed Obama’s links to ACORN.
And, last May 29, Stanley Kurtz, National Review Online (NRO) Contributing Editor & Senior Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, wrote a article profiling Obama’s affiliation with ACORN and offering plenty of follow-up leads to aspiring big media reporters looking for a story. No significant takers.
Old big media has had very little to say about the topic. It’s as though they just as soon not bring it up.

But the Obama Campaign hasn’t been silent about Kurtz, whom they characterize as a “slimy character assassin.” In case you missed it, Ben Smith, writing (Aug 27) for POLITICO, reported on the Obama Campaign’s efforts to thwart Kurtz’s plans to appear on a Chicago radio station.[…]

On the lighter side…
Culled from a couple of comments at YouTube

“Auchi that hurt!”
‘Change’ is in the Ayers.
Apparently Obama does not have the Wright stuff.
Uh-oh! Better call Rezko!

Wait! Don’t leave till you click this next link.
Don Surber has penned a ditty for the ages.
In Your Neighborhood parody

A community organizer is a person in your neighborhood…
Hey, let’s have a little happy song for once.

Because happy is better than sad.

Let’s see who’s in the neighborhood.[…]

Sure to be an instant classic…


H/T Larwyn

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to hell with obama

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