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Burning Words

September 13, 2008

Have you heard the word?

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On second thought maybe you haven’t…
Since tagging Barack “The One” Obama as “Clean and articulate”, “Skinny”, “Arrogant”, “Exotic”, “Angry”, “Risky” and “Disrespectful” is verboten and racist dontcha know.
[roll eyes]

What would Barack Obama-a former President of the Harvard Law Review and a former constitutional law professor-say about the chilling of free speech, the weakening of the First Amendment?

What can we expect when merely uttering the notion of *gasp!* not supporting an Obama presidency makes one a bigoted racist of the worst sort.

Remind me, what year is this again? Heh.

On November 4 I will not be casting a vote for the “Clean and articulate”, “Skinny”, “Arrogant”, “Exotic”, “Angry”, “Risky” and “Disrespectful” Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama.

It would not matter if Obama was purple, paisley or pink and purple polka dotted.
Or white.
I’d vote for Allen West in a heartbeat.

He is just not “The One” for me.

Read my lipstick, it is his politics stupid.

H/T Larwyn

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