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Kurt Warner Tosses A Football Around At Walter Reed

September 28, 2008

A neat little feel good nugget I caught while watching The Cards vs Jets game this afternoon.
Laura Okmin reported:
During a visit to Walter Reed Army Medical Center a patient (name unknown) asked if Kurt would go outside with him and throw a football around. Kurt obliged. After a little bit of back and forth, their fun and games ended abruptly, when the patient attempted to receive a throw his prosthetic leg came off.
Before Warner had a chance to become mortified….
Hold on a sec…it’s ok.

The patient was thrilled and screamed “Kurt Warner broke my leg!, Kurt Warner broke my leg!”

Kurt then autographed his prosthetic leg.

I couldn’t find any news reports on this. One would think it would of at least had been posted on the official blog of the Arizona Cards.


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