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Propaganda Film “Sing for Change” Scrubbed from BarackObama.Com [screenshots]

October 2, 2008

As I previously posted here, a group of Obama supporters have created a video in honor of their glorious leader. Exploiting their children as propaganda tools, the children sing in the video which is damn creepy! If it does not frighten you to the quick then you my friend are numb. Or have been salivating for the rise of a socialistic government.

All Hail Dear Leader.
What next a choreographed goose step accompaniment?

The original video is “no longer available” (it has been set to private) on YouTube but thankfully there have been some industrious YouTubers who had grabbed it before it went down the memory hole.

Let’s take a moment to compare it to footage of “Hitler Youth”. With the Obama anthem added.
Fuhrer Obama Hitler Youth – Sing for Change

Moving along…
Believe it or not, they have even put up a website “Sing for Change
Edit: Site has been taken down

obama-youth-sing-for-change.jpgSing for Change chronicles a recent Sunday afternoon, when 22 children, ages 5-12, gathered to sing original songs in the belief that their singing would lift up our communities for the coming election. Light, hope, courage and love shine through these non-voting children who believe that their very best contribution to the Obama campaign is to sing.

About Us
Sing for Change was a confluence of hard work, good will, and shared vision. Inspired by ideas raised at a grassroots Obama fundraiser, a music teacher, Kathy Sawada, and the children composed and rehearsed the songs in less than two weeks. Several musicians heard of the effort and volunteered to accompany the children. Parents and older siblings designed and provided the T-Shirts and the banner. There’s a first for everything, but rarely do so many firsts come together at once: for the children and their parents, this is their first performance, first video, first banner, and first involvement with grassroots work on a presidential campaign.

As Sunday approached, a neighbor volunteered a home. Production wizards got wind of the project and offered their help in recording it. The likes of Jeff Zucker, Holly Schiffer, Peter Rosenfeld, Darin Moran, Jean Martin, Andy Blumenthal, and Nick Phoenix rearranged schedules to participate. Holly Schiffer was able to get three High Definition cameras (Panasonic HVX250’s), and an AVID editing facility. When Jeff Zucker went to pick up the camera package, Ted Schilowitz happened to be there and offered a RED camera set up on a SteadiCam.

What we accomplished in a few hours on a Sunday afternoon embodies the nature of the Obama campaign: its grassroots inspiration, its inclusiveness, its community building. People pitched in quickly for a cause that resonated with them. There were not many conditions: “Think this is a good idea? Want to help? Great. Sunday at 12:00.” At the heart of the project were 22 children and their music. The willingness of all involved to come together for them was a testament to our hope, unity, courage, joy and belief in the future represented by these children.

Onward towards towards the scrubbed content of which I have posted a series of screen shots. I hope you all can follow along. I tried to be as succinct as possible. I am suffering from another skull crushing migraine and have done my best. Please do follow the links I have posted below as well.
“Community Blogs Posts with the tag Grassroots” cached link
(Scroll down page)

Obama Campaign in So Cal – Gary/GW

Gary-GW’s full profile.

Gary-GW’s Activity Index

When clicking on the direct link to the post: ERROR: invalid page requested

The link in question leads to “Hope Tacos” blog.
Which no longer exists: Invalid blog/profile URL.
I now have the cached version of Gary/GW’s Hope Tacos post as mentioned above.
(Scroll down)
Screen shot

This past Sunday 23 child musicians and singers, most of who are studying at the Colburn School of Performing Arts, gathered together in Venice to perform under the direction of music teacher Kathy Sawada. The music, written for the day by Kathy and her students, was filmed and recorded by a team of A-list Los Angeles camera and sound experts.

Her students?

Here are a few interesting questions. Has the school been involved in something that jeopardizes its status as a public charity? Did Sawada use any time in class to write the song or practice the song with children? Did children use any time at school or school resources? Did Sawada use any school resources, including telephone or email account? Has Sawada used time in the classroom to indoctrinate students? Are students wearing their pro-Obama t-shirts at school? Only a complaint and an investigation can answer those questions.

/end update

Note: The post also has been removed from “Venice Office Volunteers

A “Grassroots” effort or “Astroturf”?
Confederate Yankee has some background on the adults involved.
The HopeChange GroupThink Mindthoughts Song

While described as a grassroots effort, Kathy Sawada, who posted the video and can been seen directing the children in the video, is a bit more than just an enthusiastic music teacher you might find in your average public school.

Kathy Sawada’s YouTube profile.
Comments were open last I looked. If you wanna have a go at speaking your mind.
Jus’ sayin’

The Indoctrination of Children Begins Wizbang

These kids are already being taught to worship Obama as if he were some kind of god. That’s what kids in North Korea, Cuba, Saddam Hussein’s old Iraq, and other totalitarian regimes were taught to do as well. The purpose is if they grow up seeing their leaders as god-like they’re less likely to rise up against them.

The new brownshirts *UPDATED* – Bookworm Room

One of the most horrific things about both the Nazis and the Communists was the way in which they indoctrinated children. Children were encouraged to place the State — and especially the state’s leader, whether Hitler or Stalin — above the family, and to give their loyalty to the former, not the latter.

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