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Barack Obama does not believe in democracy He would rather kiss Organized Labor’s collective butts instead

October 15, 2008

In August I blogged on the subject of the joint effort between the AFL-CIO and Barack Obama to make into law the “Employee Free Choice Act”

Barack Obama and his Union cohorts in organized labor have been conspiring to strip workers of the only true democratic choice, “secret ballots” in favor of “card checks”

Barack Obama has promised the AFL-CIO he would make the act into law when …if…he (God forbid) becomes president.

Labor Day Message from Barack Obama – AFL-CIO Blog
I have a screenshot

by Donna Jablonski, Sep 1, 2008

“It’s time you had a partner in the White House,” presidential candidate Barack Obama says in a video Labor Day message to America’s working families. Promising to end tax breaks for companies that send jobs overseas, to sign the Employee Free Choice Act and to deliver tax relief to 95 percent of working families, Obama says: […]

The bare fact of the matter is that Unions are struggling for membership. Their coffers are in turn are not as full as they would like them to be.

Labor –

Obama and Biden will strengthen the ability of workers to organize unions. He will fight for passage of the Employee Free Choice Act

Now George McGovern has stepped up once again and is speaking out against the “Employee Free Choice Act”

Embedded video

From HotAir
Video: McGovern on Card Check

George McGovern continues his opposition to the Orwellian-named Employee Free Choice Act, otherwise known as Card Check. McGovern wrote an op-ed column against it in the Wall Street Journal and cut an ad that ran during the last presidential debate in which he stated that democracy was at risk. In this Fox News appearance, one can see that McGovern is almost literally putting all his energy into defeating this proposal:

McGovern’s opposition carries significance because of his support for organized labor throughout his entire career. He emphasizes that in this interview, but states that democracy is a higher value than unionism. In the past, he has lamented the fact that unions appear to have forgotten that.[…]

Learn more:
How the Employee Free Choice Act Takes Away Workers’ Rights – The Heritage Foundation
Employee Free Choice Act – Congresspedia

The “Employee Free Choice Act” is not at all about protecting workers rights. It is about Democrats taking care of union bosses.

To add more ignorant fuel to the fire, AFL-CIO Secretary Treasurer Richard Trumka plays the race card/white guilt card in defense of his man Barack Obama.

He reeks of desperation…

There is not a single good reason for any worker especially any union member to vote against Barack Obama. And there is only one really really bad reason. To vote against Barack Obama and that’s because he is not white
– Excerpt of speech given at Steelworkers convention July 1, 2008, sponsored by USW President Leo Gerard.

What a nasty slime ball excuse for a human being.

Ulterior motives…


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