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Anti-Obama Carnival at Texas A&M Complete With Socialist on a Stick Obama Ring-Toss

October 30, 2008

Those crazy kids…

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Wednesday, Texas A&M’s Young Conservatives of Texas group, encouraged students to throw eggs at a large picture of Barack Obama during a campus demonstration.

It was part of what the group called an “anti-Obama carnival.” Conservatives said the egg toss was symbolic of Obama’s economic policies, but many in the crowd called it a personal attack.


The conservatives’ anti-Obama carnival came with a “socialist on a stick Obama ring-toss,” and a board with the candidate’s picture on it that the group offered to let students throw eggs at called “throw away your nest egg.”

Conservatives say they just wanted to get people’s attention, then hand them a pamphlet about Obama’s economic policies.

Texas A&M University issued an official statement about the demonstration: “A university campus is a marketplace of ideas. While we found today’s activity offensive and not representative of Texas A&M’s core values, we certainly respect the free speech of students on our campus. We are of the opinion that there are more appropriate and constructive ways to engage in a dialogue in advance of the upcoming elections.”

The Young Conservatives say they’ll bring the carnival and egg toss back this Friday, but will have Obama’s economic policies as the target, and not just his picture.

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