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O Give All Ye Faithful!

November 19, 2008

Obama is tapping his network to pay for the transition.

Dig a little deeper, obama-logo-mini.jpgFaithful Ones.

The Obama-Biden Team is not finished fleecing you yet.
Keep giving till it hurts.

bag_of_money.jpgFeeling generous?

You are in luck, the bar has been raised. Unlike the federal campaign max contribution limit of $2,000. The max transition donation is set at $5,000.

Red alert! Obama supporters your support will be crucial their mission is urgent!
Oh 🙄 brother.

Thanks for Your Feedback

Your hard work and passion created this opportunity for change. But we only have a few weeks to assess the state of the federal agencies, prepare our agenda, and staff key positions in the new administration.

Your support right now will be crucial to helping us accomplish these goals.

For the first time, transition efforts won’t be financed with donations from Washington lobbyists and PACs. We’re committed to building the White House team the same way you built this campaign — from the ground up.

Will you make a donation of $5 or more today to support the urgent mission of our transition team?

“Your support right now will be crucial to helping us accomplish these goals.”, “Will you make a donation of $5 or more today to support the urgent mission

Good God! How dramatic can they get? They make it sound like they are on the road to a cure for cancer or something.

obama-transition-donation-page1-11-12-2008.jpg obama-transition-donation-page2-11-12-2008.jpg
Click here and here for full resolution screenshots

The OBAMA-BIDEN TRANSITION PROJECT is a 501(c)(4) organization operated exclusively to promote and ensure the proper functioning of the federal government by ensuring a smooth transition from one administration to the next. Contributions to the OBAMA-BIDEN TRANSITION PROJECT are not tax deductible for federal income tax purposes and do not count against federal campaign contribution limits. Contributions to the OBAMA-BIDEN TRANSITION PROJECT are limited to a maxium [sic] of $5,000 per individual. As a condition of receipt of appropriated funds under the Presidential Transition Act, the OBAMA-BIDEN TRANSITION PROJECT must publicly report the source, date, and amount of every donation. The PROJECT will also publicly report the city and state of residence, and employer of each donor.

No matter how rich, no matter how poor the OMessiah expects you to tithe accordingly.

You bought Obama so you damn well better maintain him.

Luxurious settings such as (Baracakopolis) and world tours (Barackapalooza) and the ‘One’s infamous EgOmercialObama Continues To Suck Supporters Dry

That’s right-you heard him. Take care of the Democratic National Committee FIRST! Then….they’ll put on their superhero costume and transform the country. But only after you give them some more money.

What’s that? You heard King Barack ended his campaign with extra cash? Well, yes as a matter of fact he did.

But that’s his money now. You gave it to him. And he decided to give it to his staff. You have a problem with that?

So open up those wallets and show him the money! Yes, he knows Christmas is coming but you weren’t silly enough to think hope and change came without a price, were you?

Exactly how flush is post-campaign Obama?

But Obama skipped public financing and raised more than $600 million, including more than $150 million in September, and nearly $40 million in the first couple of weeks of October.
It’s unclear how much campaign cash Obama has left in his war chest, a tally he’ll have to report to the feds this month.

Looking forward to that report.

In closing…

Allow me to present:
The UnOfficial Pres-Select OMighty Obama Theme Song!
Embedded video

I have decided to no longer embed live links to any O material. If you happen to be an O fan and wish to throw more money at him, you will have to copy/paste the URL into your browser.
Knock yourself out, I’ll not have a hand in helping your nor his cause.

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