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Video: Andrew Breitbart Challenges Prop 8 Protesters to Protest a Mosque!

November 25, 2008

I second that emotion!

You have hit the “soft targets” Christian and Mormon churches.
Now take the bull by the horns and move on to the hard stuff.

Go ahead, I double dog dare ya!

Andrew Breitbart the man of –the hour!

Link: Andrew Breitbart on Prop 8 Blacklist

Gateway Pundit

Andrew Breitbart blasted the radical Left for blacklisting individuals and whole institutions for their support for Prop 8.
He also asks why Barack Obama gets a pass from the hard left for his regressive attitude on gay rights while Mormons and conservatives are targeted.
Andrew doesn’t hold back.

H/T Larwyn

Since when is gay marriage a “civil liberty”?
Prop 8 passed.


Great Black Friday Deals. No Black Friday Blues.

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  1. December 1, 2008 7:34 pm

    Because the Prop 8 proponents are all left-wingers, you can rest assured that they are Muslim lovers, as well. Let me preface the “Muslim lover” remark by saying the terrorist wing of the Muslim religion.

    I am certain that the Muslim mosques here in the States and meighborhoods that are predominantly black have nothing to fear as the Prop 8 proponents aren’t going to venture far from their ‘hood. You can take that to the bank.

    Stephen Rhodes’s last blog post..Obama Announces Foreign Policy Team

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