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Video Games: Do you know what your kids are playing?

December 3, 2008

With Christmas fast approaching there are many who will be purchasing video games for children on their list. And as we all are aware there are many video games which contain extreme graphic content.


Some worse than others. Some most certainly have no place in the hands of kids in this humble bloggers opinion.

The Timothy Plan has compiled documentation to better help guide parents, friends and family members as they shop for video games.

Educate yourselves and protect the children in your life. Knowledge is power and ignorance is no excuse.

This complimentary guide contains information on the most popular video games. We listed the worst offenders, based on biblical principles, as well as a few game titles that did not fail our screen. There are two formats for you to choose from:

BASIC GUIDE: This guide contains a quick Score Card format that scores over 140 video games based on content. (download pdf)

This guide contains graphic details of actual game play on the top 30 worst offenders, as well as the Score Card of over 140 popular games (as found in the Basic Guide). (download pdf)

With Christmas and the gift giving season approaching, we are pleased to offer this information to anyone concerned with the content of the video games you or your loved ones may be considering as Christmas gifts. We hope this list will help you achieve a better understanding of some of the most violent and anti-family games available to date, and that you’ll find it useful when considering which games you want in your home.

We understand, with this being a controversial issue, that some may not agree with more complete information being made available to those without the time, temperament or even talent to completely research the content of the wide array of video games presently available. However, we hope all will respect the rights of everyone to raise their children in a way they feel best matches their values and beliefs.

Emphasis theirs, in respect to:

ANGRY GAMERS SET SIGHTS ON GROUP WARNING OF CONTENT: Mutual Fund Company Claiming Video Games Are Too Violent Besieged By Hateful Emails And Calls From Gamers

A mutual fund company named, The Timothy Plan has found itself the target of angry gamers after doing extensive research on the level of violence found in video games expected to be in high demand this Christmas. Since releasing a matrix (links above) that ranks each game based on violent and sexual content, the group has received countless hateful emails and phone calls.

Timothy Plan president, Art Ally sees it as vindication of his company’s work. “What we’ve been saying,” Ally says, “is that games with this level of violence and sex depiction definitely have a negative effect on people and based on the emails we’re getting, our research appears to have been validated.”

Ally’s group sent out a press release on their findings earlier this week and has been deluged with angry gamers ever since. In fact, says Stephen Ally, requests for more information from the group’s website have even shut down the web server at the time of this writing. “The amount of requests for the information (the research report) we are offering has far exceeded the allowed bandwidth from our web hosting company causing the server to overload. The Timothy Plan in the process of expanding availability of the document,” he said.

This Christmas season think about the children…before granting their every wish.

Speaking of children inappropriate content. Check out Kids-In-Mind for content analysis of movies with children in mind.

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