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Stop The ACLU Blogburst: ACLU Loves The Drugs In Schools

December 5, 2008

Surrender Monkey Friday: ACLU Loves The Drugs In Schools – Stop The ACLU

Surrender is thinking that he should get a job in the school system, that way he can relive his hippie glory days, as well as protect his stash

The American Civil Liberties Union of Connecticut is calling on the town school board to end its policy of allowing police dogs to sniff student lockers and school parking lots for drugs.

In a letter sent this week to Superintendent Kevin D. Case, the group’s legal director, Jon Matthews, argued that “there are better ways to keep students safe than suspicion-less drug sweeps.” The push for student safety, Matthews wrote, “should not come at the expense of students’ rights.”

I wasn’t aware of any right to have illegal drugs on school property. Bet you $100 the ACLU would be A-OK if the search was for those evil guns.

Members of the Kanawha County Commission voted to support the county school board’s drug testing policy even though the decision might land them in court.

Seth DiStefano of the American Civil Liberties Union urged county officials not to back such wide-sweeping drug tests. He also urged them not to rush to judgment on expanding the county’s existing drug policy. Carper wants to test more county employees, including those who handle large sums of money or are in charge of sensitive information.

God forbid (woops, the ACLU might sue me for inserting that word in an article about them!) that teachers be exposed to random drug tests. It’s not like they are in any sort of important or influential position to children.


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