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[Video] Bill Richardson: “Barack Obama is an immigrant…he is one of us…”

December 7, 2008

Yes sirree Barack Obama is an immigrant according to Bill Richardson.

I am not going to buy into any tongue slippage theory of Richardson exposing Barack Obama as an immigrant. Not that I wouldn’t be on the front lines celebrating any such news. The more obvious explanation is Richardson was pandering to naive’ Hispanic voters. Another egregious lie tied to the Barack Obama campaign *shawker*.

Taking into account these exit poll results giving Barack Obama a 67% advantage to McCain’s 31% in regards to the Hispanic vote. It may not of been the deciding factor but it sure did not do any harm.
In fact Richardson had this to say during a meeting this past Friday with Marco Adame, governor of Morelos while in Puebla, Mexico.

Obama “is well aware of the importance of Mexico and the Hispanic community because it was very important in his victory, especially in states like New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada and Florida,” Richardson said in Spanish.

Cue video clip.

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“Osama es un emigrante” — translated — “Obama is an immigrant”

“Barack Obama is the best candidate for the Hispanic community because our community wants a united country. Obama is an immigrant. When he speaks to Latinos, he doesn’t just speak about immigration and civil rights…”

Gov. Bill Richardson – Democratic National Convention in Denver Colorado on Sept. 1st 2008

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  1. December 7, 2008 2:54 pm

    Pandering – no kidding – however – could Richardson be referring to Hawaii? Perhaps he is one of those “elite” “mainland” thinkers who look upon states outside of the lower 48, as somehow…foreign. Fortunately, for Obama, he immigrated to Chicago……

    Tina R F H’s last blog post..Caroline Kennedy – Entitled to Clinton’s NY Senate Seat – The American Class System and the Kennedy “Dynasty”

  2. David Buchanan permalink
    December 7, 2008 3:57 pm

    If any of you cared to listen to Gov. Bill Richardson during his presidential run, his abiding theme was that we are a “nation of immigrants”. He was using the same metaphor in discussing Barack Obama. I daresay the author of this inane article is also an immigrant.

  3. December 7, 2008 10:03 pm

    If any of you cared to listen to Gov. Bill Richardson during his presidential run, his abiding theme was that we are a “nation of immigrants”.

    Who gave Richardson the time of day during his short stint as a candidate? I never paid attention to anything he had to say. There was no need, I knew it would come down to either Hillary or Obama. Bill Richardson did not have a snowballs chance in Hades.

    I daresay the author of this inane article is also an immigrant.

    Yes that is it I am a self hating immigrant. lol

    I am not an immigrant (not that there is anything wrong with that) neither were my parents.

    My earliest ancestors arrived in America as far back as the early 1600’s. My linage includes some who fought in the Revolutionary War.

    I love my Country.

  4. David Buchanan permalink
    December 8, 2008 2:02 am

    I love my Country, the United States of America, as well. So does Barack Obama. Like you, my ancestors came to this country after the 2nd Jacobite Rebellion in Scotland in 1645, and served proudly in the Revolutionary War. Every generation in my family has continued that proud tradition of military service. But, we are a family of immigrants; just like you are (assuming you are not full blooded Cherokee or Sioux). With that immigrant lineage, we are all “natural born” Americans, just like Barack Obama.

  5. December 8, 2008 11:53 am

    If you like to think of your self as an immigrant then more power to you. I do not. Which is my prerogative, thank you very much.

    ..we are all “natural born” Americans, just like Barack Obama.

    Saccharine treacle based on emotion not logic. I tell you what, let’s do away with all immigration laws. Better to run a country with “feelings”
    *roll eyes* Lalalalalalalala

    Have you proof of Obama’s “natural born” citizenship other than his “word”? Obama loves the USA? How do you know? Again, because he says so? Such blind loyalty and faith …wow. Actions speak louder than words.

    Many who voted for Obama may “feel” they love the US. And in a way they do. They love their “vision” of the US. Much of which completely contradicts the “vision” of our Founding Fathers.

    But, we are a family of immigrants; just like you are (assuming you are not full blooded Cherokee or Sioux).

    Typical liberal argument. If liberals were so damned concerned about Native Americans (or whatever the current term is) why are they for the most part ignored unless they are used for the “we are all immigrants” argument?

    Food for thought:
    First Americans: Ancient White Migration

    If the evidence presented in the above documentary holds any water, then Native Americans as we think of them today are immigrants by your logic.

    BTW I see you worked for the Carter camp in 1976. Thanks for nothing. Heh.

  6. David Buchanan permalink
    December 8, 2008 12:19 pm

    Allow me to tell about a Democrat who cares about the Native Americans. His name is Governor Bill Richardson. The Puebla Indian Nations have backed Governor Richardson consistently, and he has honored and respected them. In most states, the Chief Justice of the state Supreme Court normally presides over the swearing in. However, in New Mexico, Governor Richardson broke with that tradition and was sworn in by the Governor of the Puebla Nation – one Governor of a sovereign entity swearing in a Governor of another sovereign entity. But his concern and care for those in Indian Country has gone well beyond symbolism.

    I think you are wrong. We all have the same vision for America. We want a strong national security, safe streets, opportunities to make the American dream a reality. That is not a different vision from yours, nor is it different from our so-called founding fathers – who for the most part preferred and attempted to create an oligarchy of rich, white landowners (hence the bifurcated legislative system, not much difference from the upper and lower houses of Parliament). We are indebted to them for their vision, their courage, their dedication. But, ours is not a static country, a static economy, a static world. It grows and expands, at times contracts, but always moves forward. To think or believe the vision of our founding fathers is somehow holy writ is n0t much different than those poor, misguided souls who immerse themselves in their “personna” in Renaissance Faires or Reenactment scenes to the point where they actually believe they are that person in that time.

    As for proof of Obama’s natural born citizenship, I have the same proof you have of yours or mine. If someone asked you to prove your native citizenship, you would provide a birth certificate issued by the County of your birth, and verified by your birth state’s Bureau of Vital Statistics. Obama has produced both records.

    Further, they have been verified by the Hawaii Secretary of State. Don’t tell me you actually believe there is some vast left wing conspiracy to create the 2008 Manchurian candidate?

    BTW, you are quite welcome. Meeting and working for Jimmy Carter from the beginning was the reason I became a Democrat, switching from years of Teen Age Republican, College Republican National Federation, Leadership Institute, etc. But I am thankful for my Republican roots, it gave me a foundation for understanding.

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