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Petition: Global Campaign Against Sharia Law

December 10, 2008

Sign the UK One Law For All Petition and support the Global Petition against Sharia law

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Sign the UK One Law For All Petition
and support the Global Petition against Sharia law:

Sharia law controls every single aspect of your private and public life. Girls from the age of puberty can be married. Shoplifting is punishable by amputation. Anyone who criticizes the Qur’an or Mohammed can be legally murdered. You are not allowed to sing, or dance, or even laugh in public. Art, music and literature as we know them are simply not permitted. The legal witness of a man is worth more than a woman.

Sharia law is not fundamentally different from other religious laws, but because it is part and parcel of a political movement with state power, its medieval rules become the laws of the land for millions. Sharia and all religious based laws are incompatible with the 21st Century; it is incompatible with any society that wants to maintain freedom and equality for all.

During the enlightenment, our predecessors fought to remove the legal system from the biased grip of religion and pushed Christianity out of the public sphere; we must do the same again.

We reject Sharia law because it is discriminatory, cruel and barbaric and demand an end to Sharia law across the world. We unequivocally support the struggle of people everywhere whether in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia or in Britain and the West, to oppose Sharia and live in secular societies, where at a minimum religion is a private matter and separate from the state, legal and educational systems and universal human rights and citizenship rights are guaranteed.

That is why there is now a Global Statement Against Sharia Law to be found on This site will link you to all the national petitions and campaigns that again can be signed and supported by anyone in the world.

The movement is starting with a global effort to support the UK national petition called One Law for All. The UK is in a similar position to that in which Canada found itself before 2005. In the UK, though, Sharia has already crept in and is being integrated into normal everyday legal systems under the initial guise of a viable arbitration mechanism. However, it must be stopped dead in its tracks right now. And be reassured, it is possible. It is not too late. Because of a similar petition and campaign supported globally by people all around the world, in 2005 Canada was able to remove this biased and unjust system of law and uphold equal and citizenship rights for all. A massive campaign is being organized in the UK to support this petition and drive this loathsome form of legalized inequality and prejudice from Britain too.

Anyone in the world can sign the UK One Law for All petition and it is being supported by leading lights in the international fight for equality and freedom. All you have to do is go to acknowledge that you support the Global Statement Against Sharia Law and then sign the UK petition.

Other national petitions are on their way, and will be accessed through the single global doorway of This will help further coordinate and support the crucial work being done against Sharia law in many different places.

I want to encourage you to get every single person you know to go to that website – – and sign the UK petition One Law for All.

This is the time to act. The world’s press and politicians will be monitoring the number of people who support the global statement against Sharia on and this first and most urgent national petition, One Law for All, which aims to remove Sharia from the United Kingdom just like the previous petition and campaign successfully removed Sharia from Canada.

We can and will make a difference. People everywhere deserve better. There can be no place for Sharia in the 21st century. Full Stop.

Has there ever been a better time to make your voice count?

“lan astaslem”

I will not submit. I will not surrender.

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  1. ahmedaldosoky permalink
    December 11, 2008 1:56 pm

    I’m impressed very practical advice tersely stated!
    I’ve found usefull info including tutorials on youtube, but your advice covers a lot of ground in one page.

    I’m a fan thanks,

  2. December 11, 2008 2:09 pm

    Thanks but I merely passed it along.

    Do you agree with the information?
    Have you signed the petition?

    BTW Pop up ads on a blog are not cool. lol I so wanted to browse your blog but closed immediately because of them.
    I’m removing your link. I do not wish to subject my readers to invasive pop ups.

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