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Video: RNC Ad Focuses on BlagObama Drama

December 18, 2008

Questions linger…

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On the lighter side…. 😆
“All I wanted was $1 million for a Senate seat that Obama never used.”
Rod Blagojevich’s Downfall

Link @YouTube

You’d think we were reading Pravda. Now the media is saying I’m crazy to shield the “man-child” from criticism. I’m not crazy…I’m a democrat!

“Man-Child” Bwahahahahaha!!
H/T J.R. @Conservatives For Palin

Sunday Toonage – “Dirty Governor” Blago
Breaking! Prez-Select Barack Obama Calls for Illinois Democrat Governor Rod Blagojevich to Resign
The Blagojevich Plot Thickens
An Arresting Development in the Land of O…Subject Dem Gov. Blagojevich


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