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Blog Burst – A Landmark: the Moment of Infamy

January 11, 2009

God forbid an Israeli flag is displayed in the window of a private residence.

There is something horribly wrong when preemptive actions of dhimmitude are taken in order to appease the demands of unruly hate filled terrorist [Hamas] Gaza supporting demonstrators, on western soil! All because an Israeli flag was displayed in view of Hamas supporters. No placards expressing insults or threats regarding Muslims. A flag mind you, a lone flag of Israel.

German police broke in an apartment and took the flag down!

The following is a cross posted blogburst from Cassandra of Politeia

I’m not one for cross-blogging and living off other bloggers’ scoops, but this is an entirely different matter.

I request my colleague-bloggers to put this story on their front pages, to disseminate it wherever they can on Facebook, Twitter, or through whatever other means at their disposal to expose this affront. Spread it far and spread it wide!

Enough is enough. We have been finding ourselves on this slippery slope on the way to hell for some time now. The media no longer find it useful to be objective, or even to pretend they are. Last week we saw them flinging kerosene on the Gaza fire as if there’s no responsibility for honest reporting.

CNN went so far as putting up and taking down an obvious fake in the time-honored tradition of Pallywood Productions, only to reinstate it moments later.

A line will have to be drawn at some point. The mob will take it all the way to Gaza and Bamyan, no mistake about it. The question is, where does the culture of freedom and civilization draw the line?

I understand the police wanted to deescalate the situation, but there’s also some point that the mob needs to be told in no uncertain terms where it gets off (preferably with democracy, prosperity and responsible citizenship still somewhat in tact). I suggest this is IT.

Perhaps the best place to drop this is at the front porch of the German Embassy in your country of residence. It’s a good job that Germany has a special responsibility in the case.


Jihad Watch: “German police aids Jew-hating Muslim mob, removes Israeli flag from window”

Source: Jewish Odysseus
Jihad Watch reader Oao just sent me this:

:16 AM Received from Muqata Blog Reader in Germany, Sebastian M.

Today, 10.000 people demonstrated against Israel here in my hometown Duisburg (Germany) and to express their solidarity with Hamas. So, my girlfriend and me put two Israel flags out of the windows of our flat in the 3rd floor. During the demonstration which went through our street the police broke into our flat and removed the flag of Israel. The statement of the police was to de-escalate the situation, because many youth demonstrators were on the brink of breaking into our apartment house. Before this they threw snowballs, knifes and stones against our windows and the complete building. We both were standing on the other side of the street and were shocked by seeing a police officer standing in our bedroom and opening the window to get the flag. The picture illustrate this situation. The police acquiesced in the demands of the mob.

Link @YouTube

And as you can see from the video, the mob applauded, cheered, and shouted “Allahu akbar” when the flag disappeared.

Video above from Jewish Odysseus (thanks to Phil).

Our credits go to Brian of London.

You can Digg It here.

The more you feed the animals the larger their appetite grows. Thanks to the appeasers and apologists. Muslim immigrants in Europe and the UK have insatiable appetites. Sorta like setting out food for a stray dog. Feeding a stray dog one time is all it takes. The dog will keep coming back for more.
And more…and more…and more…and more…
Relentlessly it will take over and your life will no longer be your own.


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