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CNN Video: Inauguration Day is Similar To Muslim Pilgrimage To Mecca

January 18, 2009

Not sure if this is a parallel the MSM should be drawing …

The throngs of expected Obamamessiah worshipers flocking to DC for the coronation, is likened to the Muslim annual pilgrimage to Mecca known as “Hajj”


Embedded video from CNN Video
H/T Freedom’s Lighthouse via Larwyn
Sooooo could one assume Barack Obama’s inauguration would be the second Hajj (in three months time) for Muslim-American Congressman Keith Ellison.

Above and beyond Keith you faithful pilgrim you.

Sarcasm mine

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  1. Janet permalink
    January 19, 2009 8:23 am

    Innauguration compared to Hajj…perfect.
    I would not have seen this because I never ever watch CNN.

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