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Will the only way to save western culture is to become polygamists?

January 21, 2009

Of course I do not support polygamy but…

Canada legalized gay marriage in 2005, which has left the door wide open for polygamists to expect the same.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Canada’s decision to legalize gay marriage has paved the way for polygamy to be legal as well, a defense lawyer said Wednesday as the two leaders of rival polygamous communities made their first court appearance.

The case is the first to test Canada’s polygamy laws.

Winston Blackmore, 52, and James Oler, 44, are each accused of being married to more than one woman at a time.


“If (homosexuals) can marry, what is the reason that public policy says one person can’t marry more than one person?” said Suffredine, a former provincial lawmaker. Canada’s Parliament extended full marriage rights to same-sex couples in 2005.

Suffredine said the case is also about religious persecution.[…]

Mark my words. If polygamy becomes legal in Canada, Muslims (also polygamists) will follow the Latter-day Saints lead (religious persecution). With Muslims (legally) able to procreate at 3,4,5 times or more! the average rate of monogamous marriages there will be a population explosion.

Canadians outnumbered in their own country.

Haunting words that may prove prophetic. In regards to the immigration numbers they already have.

Houari Boumédienne, Algeria’s undisputed ruler until his death in 1978, said it clearly In 1974:

Boumedienne said in a U.N. speech: “One day, millions of men will leave the Southern Hemisphere to go to the Northern Hemisphere. And they will not go there as friends.
Because they will go there to conquer it. And they will conquer it with their sons. The wombs of our women will give us victory.”

Think control…—politically.
Think imminent…—downfall.

This is but one reason why but certainly not the main reason I oppose legalized gay marriage.


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