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RFC Radio Is Getting Ready to Rock Your World!

February 5, 2009

Announcing the upcoming February 16th launch of RFC Radio (Radio For Conservatives)

I am so pumped about this! As soon as I heard, I felt a tingle ripple throughout my entire body that puts Chris Matthews Obasam to shame and seem like a nervous twitch. Bwahahahahaha!

My friend Andrew Riley of All American Blogger has contacted me about something that has gotten me so excited. A thrilling prospect, a new venture that should help work towards awakening conservationism by putting a fresh hip face on it and prove that conservatives are not all wealthy boring stodgy old white dudes. (Not that we do no not appreciate them one and all 😉 ) Which is quite the contrary! Yours truly for instance. Andrew has graciously asked me if I would like to become involved in this hot new venture. Why wouldn’t I? RFC is going to take the world by storm. It is an honor and a pleasure to be in on the ground floor.

As conservatives learned (the hard way) in this past election there is a dire need for conservatives to reach out to the youth of America. Barack Obama played that game very well. So now it is up to us to beat he and his fellow Democrats at their own game. RFC Radio will be an excellent opportunity to get the ball rolling back in our direction. After all the ball is in our court we need to SCORE and not drop the ball. 2012 may be four years off but the sooner we begin to fight back to regain control the better! We need to hit the ground running!

Are you feeling me?

You all may even be fortunate enough to hear my “velvet’ voice 😉 doing “short audio reports for the news segments or something of that nature” Which will be a first. lol

Portion of the e-mail text Andrew sent.
RFC Radio is going to be a streaming 24/7 internet radio station that’s all about conservatism. We’re going to do a mix of news, rock music, and talk shows. The news is going to come from conservative blogs, both our affiliates, and other well respected blogs. I can tell you that we’re not just inviting anybody to be an affiliate.

Part of the way we’re going to fund the station is by signing on a group of affiliates. Those affiliates will pay $10 per month, and for that we will use their blogs as some of our primary news sources during the hourly news breaks. The affiliates will also be able to record a daily “micro-podcast” each day. All of the micro-podcasts will be compiled and played twice daily as a package. The micro-podcasts will be up to 3:50 each. Affiliates will also have a page on the RFC Radio site, and links on the front page. (A stellar way to promote your work -VH)

We’re not doing this to make a ton of money. The initial goal is to make this pay for itself. If the time comes that we can support the station entirely with advertising, then we will eliminate the affiliate fee. The money that comes in will be used to pay for hosting, bandwidth (the main cost), promotion, and other various things like the phone line. We aren’t going to see a dime of profit from this until all the expenses are covered, the affiliates aren’t paying a monthly fee, and we have enough money in the bank to feel comfortable that we’ll have everything covered.

Many of the talk shows will initially be rebroadcasts from quality conservative podcasters. Eventually we intend to move toward content produced to be played on the station first, and then made available for download as a podcast. And the music is going to be a mix of Classic and Modern rock.

One of our goals with this project is to help spread the message that all conservatives aren’t old rich white men. We come from all colors, genders, income brackets… This isn’t going to be a “dry” station. We’re going work hard to make it something people will actually enjoy.

Check out the cool graphic. Already off to a great start! I do not mind saying it kicks ass!

Cutting edge baby!

Here is additional information as taken from RFC splash page which should give you all even more of an idea of what we will be doing.
RFC Radio (Radio For Conservatives) will feature a format of conservative talk shows, along with Classic and Modern rock music. We will also have news breaks every hour, much like the mainstream talk radio stations have. At first, all of the programming will be pre-recorded. We are planning to introduce some live shows once we work all the kinks out.

Our goal at RFC Radio is to create a conservative radio station with quality original content that will be valuable to the entire online conservative community. We want to help promote conservative values and news in a way that isn’t boring. We also want to help bust through the absurd stereotype that conservatives are all rich white men. We conservatives are more than Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly, we’re Michelle Malkin and La Shawn Barber and Alfonzo Rachel and guys like me who read comic books and play video games and listen to Rage Against The Machine.

As we prepare to launch, we have been successfully collecting donations to help cover the costs associated with getting started. Our immediate goal is to build a steady and sustainable income stream that will cover the costs of hosting, bandwidth, promotion, and the various other things that go along with a project like this.

We believe our motives are pure, and because of that we don’t mind asking our fellow conservatives to help get RFC Radio off the ground. The response has been enthusiastic, and honestly, more than a little humbling. The conservative community rocks.

You can email us at contact(at)rfcradio(.)com or by calling our 24 hour hotline at (623)582-3432 to leave a message. If you’re a blogger and you write about RFC Radio, or link to us, please drop us a line and let us know about it!

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And that promise is pretty grand in the view of some analysts. “In 2009, internet radio may not just reinvigorate the medium of radio. It may reinvent it,” predicts Deloitte, the consulting outfit. […]

Emphasis mine

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Also, sometime in the next few weeks, I invite you to contribute to the RFC launch by forwarding our flash page around and leaving a pithy comment on the RFC STUDIO LINE: 623-582-3432. We will play the best of them on February 16 and throughout Launch Week!

The Voice Of Liberty At The Price Of Peanuts

RFC Radio stands for “Radio For Conservatives”. Our mission is to improve the distribution of conservative news and entertainment. We aren’t going to be “fair and balanced”, and we’re not going to be a shill for the Republican party.

– Velvet Hammer Feb 5, 2009 @ 10:34

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