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Schumer you couldn't be more dead wrong

February 10, 2009
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You. Pompous. Arrogant. Ass.

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Chuck Schumer caught on tape dismissing the little people.
Not only does Schumer not care what Americans think about the $800 billion economic “stimulus” bill OKA “Generational Theft Act of 2009”, he lies about it.

And let me say this: To all of the chattering class that so much focuses on those little tiny, yes, porky amendments — the American people really don’t care.

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Schumer should step out of his own delusion and PAY ATTENTION! American’s are voicing their discontent.
Clue in  scare mongering Emperor Marximus Obama Porkulus and the Toxic Twins Pelosi and Reid while you are at it…would you?


And BTW Chuckie you smug disingenuous bastard, more than 374,437 Americans (so far) are nothing to sneeze at.

Velvet Hammer
Charter Member – Chattering Class Winter of Discontent 2009

Tell Chuck Schumer you care.

Schumer, Charles E. – (D – NY) Class III
(202) 224-6542
Web Form:

District Office- Albany:
Leo O’Brien Building, Room 420
Albany, NY 12207
Phone: 518-431-4070
Fax: 518-431-4076

District Office- Binghamton:
15 Henry Street, Room B6
Binghamton, NY 13901
Phone: 607-772-6792
Fax: 607-772-8124

District Office- Buffalo:
111 West Huron Street, Room 620
Buffalo, NY 14202
Phone: 716-846-4111
Fax: 716-846-4113

District Office- Hudson Valley:
Post Office Box A
Red Hook, NY 12571
Phone: 914-285-9741
Fax: 845-758-1043

District Office- Long Island:
145 Pine Lawn Road, Room 300
Melville, NY 11747
Phone: 631-753-0978
Fax: 631-753-0997

District Office- New York City:
757 Third Avenue, Suite 17-02
New York, NY 10017
Phone: 212-486-4430
TTYD Number: 212-486-7803
Fax: 212-486-7693

District Office- Rochester:
100 State Street, Room 3040
Rochester, NY 14614
Phone: 585-263-5866
Fax: 585-263-3173

District Office- Syracuse:
100 South Clinton Street, Room 841
Syracuse, NY 13261-7318
Phone: 315-423-5471
Fax: 315-423-5185

Stimulus Watch
Read The Stimulus

-Velvet Hammer Feb 10, 2009 @ 21:29

  1. February 10, 2009 9:56 pm

    Hey Velvet,

    Tell us how you really feel, LOL.

    Shane Vander Hart’s last blog post..Supposedly We’re All Socialists Now

  2. February 10, 2009 10:02 pm


    LOL! And that is me holding back and biting my tongue. 😉
    I have been steaming all day after hearing of this it felt good to get a good rant off on it. Real good.


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