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Sen. Susan Collins Bragging Rights Are Earned Not Bartered For

February 12, 2009

Senator Susan Collins [Maine]  (one of the “Gang of Three” Republicans who voted for the Stimulus, joined by Arlen Specter and Olympia Snowe)  not only willfully went along with the Democrat socialist pork laden screw you America boondoggle….–she boasts about it on Twitter.

Senator SusanTurncoat Collins

Senator Susan Collins@Twitter

Yes and a fine example it was….

A sampling of the drivel Sen Collins is proud enough of to Tweet:

Once again, U.S. Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, has put our nation’s best interests before partisan politics and provided leadership during a time of crisis.

There is a reason Collins was one of the few Republicans to keep her Senate seat in 2008. As we wrote in our endorsement (Why back a Dem when you can endorse a RHINO trojan horse? ) of her over the well-respected now former Democratic U.S. Rep. Tom Allen, “Collins is one of a vanishing breed in Washington — a legislator who truly works in a bipartisan manner.”

That is something she and our new president have in common.

Hang em out to dry the three of them.


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