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Freedom's Honor

February 13, 2009

What has become of Freedom?
The burning flames of a torrid love affair reduced to glowing embers.statue-of-liberty2

Unfaithful lovers of Freedom have cast her aside.
Seduced by a bevy of temptress’ …




Political Correctness

pimped by the appeasing apologists of the left.

Slapped in the face.

Forlorn -feeling the crush of the blow

Freedom winces.

Her love -constant -pure -true.

Spat upon.

She is deserving of such treatment?

statue-liberty-cryingBreathing a heavy sigh.
Freedom slumps her shoulders and weeps.

Hushed sobs -achingly somber.

Mourning her probable peril.

I vow to fight for her honor.

~ Dedicated to Geert Wilders and all brave & vigilant Freedom Fighters across the globe.

We will never apologize for being free. We will never give in. We will never surrender.

Freedom must prevail, and freedom will prevail.
– Geert Wilders MP
Chairman, Party for Freedom (PVV)
The Netherlands

© Velvet Hammer 1:30 pm February 13 2009 –

A work in progress


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