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Student Who Wore ‘Rest in Peace Israel’ T-Shirt Is Forced From School for Wearing Keffiyeh

February 20, 2009

If you are a Muslim high school student at Gateway High School in Pennsylvania  go ahead and don anti-Semitic t-shirts. You will win in the end.


A Pennsylvania high school is permitting Muslim students to wear scarves known as kaffiyehs in school just a day after ordering two students to remove them for class.

Gateway High School officials met with parents Wednesday after seniors Mohammad Al-Abbasi, 18, and Ahmad Al-Sadr, 17, left school Tuesday after refusing to take off the checkered scarves, believed by some to be a symbol of terrorism.

District spokeswoman Cara Zanella told the ban was an attempt to diffuse tension between Jewish and Muslim students, after three students wore shirts to school saying “RIP Israel.”

The students removed the shirts when ordered to do so but the incident led to a petition from Jewish students saying they felt threatened, Zanella said.

A student then wrote an article in one of the local newspapers about Muslim dress, reportedly calling the scarves “hate” clothing.

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Mohammad admits he wore a t-shirt last week which read “RIP Israel”

But says he does not wear the Keffiyeh for political purposes

Once Mohammad wore a “RIP Israel” t-shirt it is highly understandable Jewish students would feel threatened seeing them in what is known as a scarf of terrorists in Palestine. Both the t-shirt and the Keffiyeh were worn for political purposes. A pair of punk ass shit starters. Their actions were completely premeditated. They knew exactly what they were doing. make no mistake. Now terror scarves are the norm on an American high school campus.

Culture… hardly. Here’s a tip for you all. When a Muslim is in defense mode it is always their “culture”. When they are demanding  special treatment it is  their “religion”.

Muslim Students Allowed to Wear Kaffiyehs (CAIR alert)
Students initially barred from high school to ‘diffuse tension’

(TENSION they STARTED Get your facts straight. How convenient the most important fact is left out.)

(WASHINGTON, D.C., 2/18/09) – CAIR announced today that two Muslim high school students in Pennsylvania will now be allowed to wear kaffiyehs, a checkered scarf worn by many men in the Middle East.

The students at Gateway High School in Monroeville, Penn., were sent home yesterday after refusing to remove their kaffiyehs.

Regardless of Mohammad’s hateful antisemitic t-shirt. (Which he WORE for political reasons.) Take some of your terrorist marked funds and BUY a clue.

In a meeting this morning with the parents of one of the students and a representative of CAIR’s Pittsburgh chapter, the school’s principal agreed to allow the kaffiyehs. He reportedly said his initial ban on the scarves was an attempt to “diffuse tension” between Jewish and Muslim students. The Muslim students say they suffered verbal abuse after another student at the school published a commentary falsely claiming the scarves are “hate” clothing.

Remind me who wore the RIP Israel t-shirt again, oh yeah the Muslim student who now whines about verbal abuse. They can dish it but they cant take it. Typical Muslim attitude. We will do as we please but don’t dare discriminate against us. (Islam rules)

Other organizations represented in today’s meeting with school officials included the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh, American Friends Service Committee, Monroeville Interfaith Ministerium, Middle East Peace Forum, Pittsburgh Interfaith Impact Network, the Thomas Merton Center, Universal Academy, Islamic Center of Pittsburgh, and Episcopal Peace Fellowship. He also thanked all the other groups that turned out in defense of constitutional rights.

Can I assume a RIP Palestine tee would be a constitutional right? A Mo Toon tee? How about all Arabs must die? Basically what Mohammad’s shirt implied. As sensitive as CAIR is an Israeli Defense Force tee would likely get them all in a lather. Considering Muslim views on Israel. (Look up pro-hamas protests and you’ll see what I mean, I’d link to my in depth article on the subject but I haven’t imported the content from my hacked blog. Hopefully soon then I will update.)

Lasania added that CAIR publishes a booklet, called “An Educator’s Guide to Islamic Religious Practices,” designed to help school administrators understand Muslim beliefs and to promote a positive learning environment.

Oh I bet they do. CAIR’s Islamic propaganda supplied to public schools How quaint. Thinking out loud here, do Islamic schools allow Christian material distributed to them? “An Educator’s Guide to Christian Religious Practices”

Perish the thought.  To the contrary they teach anti-Christian and anti-Semitic lessons in their schools. Why are they given the opportunity to be so hypocritical? When they teach hate themselves we should let our children be brainwashed?

Interestingly enough, there is no mention what actions the school took when the boy wore the “RIP Israel” t-shirt. Nor if it was even brought up during the kumbaya Islam is peace meeting. The hate t-shirt took a back seat to Muslim perceived rights.

Please take a few minutes to send a note of appreciation disgust to the principal for allowing freedom of expression Antisemitic language and terrorist symbols  in his school.


Mr. William Short
Gateway High School
3000 Gateway Campus Boulevard
Monroeville PA 15146

In closing…a bit of historical significance on the keffiyeh. and what it symbolizes.

yasser-arafatThe keffiyeh is a symbol of significant importance to the Palestinians, and it was awarded by the late Palestinian president Yasser Arafat “Abu Ammar” a special elegance until the last day of his life.

He specially formed it on his head so that it resembles a map of Palestine, and stayed put on his head a sign of the Palestinian Al Shoumoukh, wherever they kufic found the pulsating heart of Palestine and everywhere in the fragrance of the smell of olives and oranges, a symbol of lasting rejection of occupation and resistance, and for the whole world symbol of the struggle And the right, the symbol of the Palestinians.

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