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In Defense of Israel: Fighting the Propaganda of “Israel Apartheid Week”

March 4, 2009

The David Project has set up an excellent web resource to spread around: Israel’s Democracy. Here’s a message from David Project Executive Director, Anna Kolodner:

Among the many challenges faced by pro-Israel students and supporters, “Israel Apartheid Week” stands out in its defamation and vitriol against the Jewish State. For several years, college campuses and communities across the world have been subjected to the week-long combination of pseudo-academic rhetoric and guerrilla theater that is ‘Israel Apartheid Week.’ These events are traveling circuses where countless speakers angrily denounce Israel as an apartheid state or worse, a Nazi state, and create mock ‘apartheid walls’ and ‘checkpoints’ to harass and intimidate students.

These internationally organized efforts explicitly deny Israel’s right to defend itself and ultimately its right to exist. They frequently call for the dismantling of Israel, a thinly veiled euphemism for the destruction of the Jewish state. Explicitly equating Israel with two of the worst racist ideologies of the 20th century, apartheid and Nazism, ‘Israel Apartheid Week’ is designed to make Israel uniquely illegitimate. Historically and logically absurd, this cruel strategy of singling out Israel is intended to make rational debate impossible. Such demonization of Israel as uniquely evil is antisemitic in effect if not intent.

But the ‘Israel Apartheid Week’ strategy is also intended to single out Israel’s supporters on campus and in our communities. Those courageous enough to stand up for Israel are accused of being racists. Jewish students have been subject to a hostile environment which has included harassment and at times threats of violence. These tactics of intimidation have proven effective in stifling legitimate debate and pressuring already weak administrations to remain silent.

As ‘Israel Apartheid Week’ unfolds, The David Project will be helping students across the country with educational resources, programs and strategies to counter these vicious lies. Our staff is already consulting with students to develop pro-active and strategic responses that advance the truth about Israel, the only true liberal democracy in the Middle East.

We have created a new section on our website to make materials available to the public.

Your help is vital. Supporters of The David Project already know that silence and passivity are not options. Please, take the time to look at our website. Educate yourselves further and send links and materials to everyone you know. Speaking out against lies can only be done from a platform of truths. Learn why the ‘apartheid’ allegation does not apply to a country like Israel, whose Arab minority has full civil and political rights. Look carefully at the college and university campuses near you. If ‘Israel Apartheid Week’ appears, speak to your friends and to your community: in your synagogues and churches, schools, or your neighborhood. Challenge those who are bringing hatred of Israel and of Jews to campus. Now is the time for action and responsibility!

(Hat tip: Solomonia) Via e-mail from krishna 109

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