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Dhimmitude Attitude Western Michigan University

March 5, 2009

At Western Michigan University anti-terrorism speakers free speech is stifled even THOUGH  (former) neo-Nazi  William Baker is allowed to speak.

Interestingly enough though not surprising (heh), the Muslim Student Association (MSA) at WMU is the connection between the two. As they are the ones who pressured the university’s admin to prevent former self confessed PLO terrorists, Walid Shoebat and Kamal Saleem from speaking on campus yet they are the group who have invited William Baker to speak on more than one occasion. William Baker’s neo-Nazi ties are not his only disgusting trait, Baker as you will learn is reportedly  an academic fraud, a liar, an anti-Semitic (no wonder he gets along so well with MSA) and a racist.

More on Baker in a bit.

As reported by Special Guests


Nazi Speaker no issue, Former terrorists now peace activists, posters are “offensive” says University administration

Western Michigan University has violated the free speech of Student group who have invited former Islamic terrorists to give students a unique look into the mindset of terrorists.

The controversial event occurred March 10th wherein two former self confessed PLO terrorists, Walid Shoebat and Kamal Saleem (who now have renounced their past and speak out educating people on the issue), have been invited to speak on the WMU campus.

The university student group, International Conservatives, agreed to bring in the former Muslim speakers and had been given an agreement of a grant for part of the costs of running the event, but later retracted after experiencing some opposition from Muslim groups crying foul.


Student Activity director Chris Sligh, an administrator at a meeting held last Thursday attempted to intimidate the organizers of the event with a racist slur and stated that “As a person of color I am offended by the (Walid Shoebat promotional) posters.” Members of the media can view the poster at

Here is the poster in question.


Of course Chris Sligh’s statement is complete bullshit. Unless he is a jihadist he should not be offended what…so…ever. That is like your truly being offended by images of Nazi’s since I have German blood. Or blacks finding offense at photos of gang bangers. Chris just wants to silence the truth. By doing so he is an enabler of terrorism in full dhimmi mode.

Despite the intimidation, event organizer Chris McCann refused to back down and on March 3 university administrators dispatched Campus Police to make sure that the posters promoting the upcoming speech by ex-Muslims were removed— a direct violation of free speech.


During the same meeting conducted earlier March 4, the administrators admitted that they had been pressured by the Muslim Student Association that Shoebat’s organization contends has direct links to terrorist organizations.

Keith Davies, executive director of the Walid Shoebat Foundation, says “It is also interesting to note that the day after this event, on March 11th, renowned Neo Nazi Dr. William Baker, has been invited to speak on campus and the speech is sponsored by none other than the Muslim Student Association!”

Note: I have taken the liberty to embed a few links within the above article for educational purposes. – VH

As mentioned above the appearance of Walid Shoebat and Kamal Saleem (who were scheduled to speak on the subject of terrorism at the university) was protested by the university’s Muslim Student Association and lo and behold the admin caved bowed.

The WMU Muslim Student Association fights the “truth” tooth and nail all the while welcoming with open arms neo-NaziDr. William Baker who is also embraced by C.A.I.R.  Can it get more hypocritical than that?


The more on William Baker bit…

Baker was chairman of the neo-Nazi Populist Party in 1984 and organized its national convention that year. The Populist Party was established and directed by Willis Carto, head of the now-defunct Liberty Lobby. The dean of American neo-Nazi politics, Carto also founded the Costa Mesa-based Institute for Historical Review, a group whose central purpose is Holocaust denial. In a written statement, Baker claimed he did not know the Populist Party was racist and that he never shared Carto’s racist politics.

I never supported the views of Willis Carto,” he wrote. “I was chairman of the Populist Party for a short time and publicly resigned due to infiltration from various racist individuals and organizations.”

The printed Populist platform introduced at Baker’s 1984 convention included states’-rights provisions that would allow states to restore segregation laws and repeal the public-accommodations sections of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. The platform also expressed a clear intention to create Nazi-style Nuremberg Laws: “The Populist Party will not permit any racial minority, through control of the media, culture distortion or revolutionary political activity, to divide or factionalize [sic] the majority of the society-nation in which the minority lives.”

In addition, evidence supplied by the Anti-Defamation League shows that Baker delivered a 1983 speech to the racist Christian Patriot Defense League in Licking, Missouri, in which he made several references to Carto’s neo-Nazi newspaper, Spotlight. He also described his disgust at traveling to New York: “God help me. Why? ‘Cause the first people I meet when I get off the plane are pushy, belligerent American Jews.”

According to Baker’s former website, CAMP is a Laguna Hills-based nonprofit organization, a legal status that allows donors to deduct contributions from income taxes. But according to the state Registrar of Nonprofit Corporations, CAMP is not registered as a nonprofit with the agency or with the state Franchise Tax Board. While Baker claimed graduate studies at Oxford and the “Near East Institute,” he could only substantiate a bachelor’s degree from Ozark Christian College

Contact info for the offended one:

Chris Sligh
Director – Student Activities & Leadership Programs
Western Michigan University
(269) 387-2115


whois2811 at “The American Jingoist” posts a letter to Timothy Greene the President of the University  from Keith Davies Executive Director of The Walid Shoebat Foundation and Forum For Middle East Understanding.

Below is a letter that was sent a short time ago regarding a meeting that was held on Thursday to pressure the orgnizers of the event at WMU to take down our posters. I wrote the letter to Timothy Greene the President of the University who is probably unaware of the ineptness of his lower management.

Continue reading

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