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A Case of the Geither Led IRS Pot Falsely Calling the Kettle Black?

March 7, 2009


This sure is an interesting turn of events. Michael Williams of Master of None and more on topic — believes he is being politically persecuted because of his mockery of  Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner.

If true, it is ludicrous  since we all are well aware Timmy Geithner is a tax cheat himself. A cheat who did not bother paying $34,000 in back taxes until Obama nominated him as Treasury Secretary.

As they say how convenient…

I am not advocating cheating on ones taxes but singling out someone based on thin skin alone is something I would think Geithner and crew would steer clear of considering his record.

Political Persecution: Audited For


Today I received a letter from the IRS that my 2007 tax returns are being audited. Less than one month after launching

There’s a list of “proposed changes” they want to make to my 2007 return that would require me to pay almost $14,000 in taxes, penalties, and interest. All the “discrepancies” they list are bogus and I have documentation to prove it. I keep meticulous records and always pay every cent I owe to Uncle Sam. We’re going to talk to a lawyer ASAP.[…]

Now I do not know Michael Williams from Adam. I have to take it all on face value for now.  If the audit is random it is one hell of a coincidence. Although considering the aura of victimology surrounding anything Obama related I would not put it past them.

At all.

H/T Melo

Who tosses in a little reminder of past presidential IRS blood hound history.

I hope that he’s wrong… but something is rotten in Denmark, so to speak… and this wouldn’t be the first administration to use the IRS against “enemies.”


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