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UK: Muslim Male Restaurateur Molested 9yr Old Boy…

March 13, 2009

…in his restaurant and gets off damn near scot-free. Rafiqul Islam is “extremely embarrassed”  and “deeply regrets” his actions.
Oh then if that is the case have mercy on him. [insert heavy sarcasam]

A SUCCESSFUL (Thinking out loud here why is successful in caps?) Dudley restaurateur has been spared time behind bars after he carried out a sex attack on a customer’s nine-year-old son.

Molest a customer’s 9 year old, no jail time for you.  Fine precedent to set.

“This was a dirty little act,” Judge Michael Mott told 26-year-old Rafiqul Islam, who runs the Balti Palace at Merry Hill.

How does a 26 year old come own a restaurant (<-link to restaurant) As you will see further down he owns two other restaurants. Amazing accomplishment for such a young age. Then again he is a minority and maybe an immigrant.  Never mind…

“When families take their children out to a restaurant they do not expect them to be assaulted by a member of staff.”

Understatement alert.

Islam admitted sexual assault and was given a nine month prison sentence suspended for a year and also made the subject of a 12 month supervision order.

Not harsh enough.  By any stretch of the imagination.

He was further ordered to pay £1,600 costs at Wolverhampton Crown Court and was barred from working with children under 18 years of age.

Good call. But what of children (under the age of 18) coming in with their families? Didn’t the court even take that into consideration???  Though with any luck word will get around and he will lose business (hopefully all and he’ll be forced to shut down). Who wants to take the family out to a known and convicted pedophiles eatery?

Gerald Bermingham prosecuting said the boy had gone to the restaurant with his father who was on a staff Christmas outing.

The young boy was there with his father. And I assume since he was there due to a staff Christmas party the restaurant was bustling. Talk about nerve!

The child broke the zip on his trousers on a visit to the toilets and, when he returned, he sat with another boy on a sofa.

Islam then sat on the other side of the child and slipped his finger into the open zip, said Mr Bermingham.

Brazen! The man is twisted. Let’s recap. The attack occurred in a busy well lit public place (owned by the pedophile no less) the father of the victim was present and the child/victim was seated next to another child. What else could that mean other than an out of control uncontrollable urge.

Rashad Mohammed (<–Muslim lawyer) defending stressed the incident only lasted a second or two and he said Islam was extremely embarrassed by his actions which were deeply regretted.

Second smecond what diff does it make?! I am sure the boy is experiencing far worse emotions other than embarrassment.

He said Islam, a married man with a baby daughter, who lives in Great Arthur Street, Smethwick was a successful businessman and he also owned restaurants in Hereford and Wolverhampton.

I object! Move to strike. Inconsequential. Whether a man is married or single, has a child or not, is a Restaurateur in a suit or a street sweeper in coveralls.

A perv is a perv is a perv.

How’s this for perspective?

In the same area an assistant manager of a jewelry store was slapped with a year in jail for the fraudulent sale of three Rolex watches. Odd the “criminal” is but a year older than the restaurateur-pedophile above and has a Muslim name as well.  Just thought I’d point out the obvious.

If an assistant manager is in a position of authority then what may I ask is a restaurant owner’s position?

THE assistant (What no caps? Same publication.) manager of a Merry Hill jewellery shop has been jailed for a year after he sanctioned the fraudulent sale of three Rolex watches so he could claim his £714 commission.

Judge Michael Mott told 27-year-old Yasser Khokhar: “You were in a position of authority and it was your job to make sure other members of staff were doing their jobs properly.”

The fraudulent sale of Rolex watches is worth more jail time than the sexual assault of a child.


If any of my lovely readers from the UK live in the Merry Hill area. Be sure to share this news with friends and family. I have my suspicions he will attack again. He is far to bold and got away with it once so he will likely have a go at another poor innocent child.

  1. April 8, 2009 12:19 pm

    This is extremely fishy and sickening. People who assault children should NOT be place in jail but should be place so far under the jail that they would be forgotten. A married man with a baby daughter. Have anyone even think about what he might do to his baby daughter? Seriously the world has gotten a bit more insane.

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  2. October 17, 2009 9:54 pm

    thats just shocking

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