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H.R.40 – White Guilt Bill

April 1, 2009

Got white guilt?

Well then this is the bill for you!

H.R. 40: Commission To Study Reparation Proposals For African-Americans Act (Reparations For Slavery

To acknowledge the fundamental injustice, cruelty, brutality and inhumanity of slavery in the U.S. and the 13 American colonies between 1619 and 1865, and to establish a commission to examine the institution of slavery, subsequent de jure and de facto racial and economic discrimination against African-Americans, and the impact of these forces on living African-Americans, to make recommendation to the Congress on appropriate remedies, and for other purposes.

Under Section 8 (the final section):


To carry out the provisions of this Act, there are authorized to be appropriated $8,000,000.

Full text at GovTrack

H/T Pamela – Atlas Shrugs

Raise your hand if you are an African-American slave  living in America today. What’s that? You aren’t? Of course not it was 144 years ago.

Raise your hand if you are a white slave owner in America today. What’s that? You aren’t? Of course not it was 144 years ago.

Case closed

This could be a proposed cure for the affliction of Democratic – Leftist [White] Guilt. Makes sense the more I think about it.

If that is the case then I strongly suggest only the misguided suffering from ‘white guilt’ pay reparations. It could be set up like Al Gore’s phony carbon credits, does not  do a damn thing to change anything but hey! you’ll feel better.  Sign up for your white guilt credits now! and protect yourself and future generations from that awful feeling of white self hate.  Heh

Let’s take a trip back through history shall we…

The Democratic Party

(1) fought to keep blacks in slavery;

(2) started the Ku Klux Klan to lynch and terrorize Republicans—black and white;

(3) passed the discriminatory Black Codes and Jim Crow laws;

(4) fought every piece of civil rights legislation from the 1860’s to the 1960’s; and

(5) attacked Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and other civil rights protesters with skin-burning fire hoses and vicious dogs.

The Democrat Party’s Long and Shameful History of Bigotry and Racism


[…]A little known fact of history involves the heavy opposition to the civil rights movement by several prominent Democrats. Similar historical neglect is given to the important role Republicans played in supporting the civil rights movement. A calculation of 26 major civil rights votes from 1933 through the 1960’s civil rights era shows that Republicans favored civil rights in approximately 96% of the votes, whereas the Democrats opposed them in 80% of the votes! These facts are often intentionally overlooked by the left wing Democrats for obvious reasons. In some cases, the Democrats have told flat out lies about their shameful record during the civil rights movement.

Democrat Senators organized the record Senate filibuster of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Included among the organizers were several prominent and well known liberal Democrat standard bearers including:
Robert Byrd, current senator from West Virginia
J. William Fulbright, Arkansas senator and political mentor of Bill Clinton
Albert Gore Sr., Tennessee senator, father and political mentor of Al Gore. Gore Jr. has been known to lie about his father’s opposition to the Civil Rights Act.
Sam Ervin, North Carolina senator of Watergate hearings fame
Richard Russell, famed Georgia senator and later President Pro Tempore

The complete list of the 21 Democrats who opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 includes Senators:

– Hill and Sparkman of Alabama
– Fulbright and McClellan of Arkansas
– Holland and Smathers of Florida
– Russell and Talmadge of Georgia
– Ellender and Long of Louisiana
– Eastland and Stennis of Mississippi
– Ervin and Jordan of North Carolina
– Johnston and Thurmond of South Carolina
– Gore Sr. and Walters of Tennessee
– H. Byrd and Robertson of Virginia
– R. Byrd of West Virginia

Democrat opposition to the Civil Rights Act was substantial enough to literally split the party in two. A whopping 40% of the House Democrats VOTED AGAINST the Civil Rights Act, while 80% of Republicans SUPPORTED it. Republican support in the Senate was even higher. Similar trends occurred with the Voting Rights Act of 1965, which was supported by 82% of House Republicans and 94% of Senate Republicans. The same Democrat standard bearers took their normal racists stances, this time with Senator Fulbright leading the opposition effort.

It took the hard work of Republican Senate Minority Leader Everett Dirksen and Republican Whip Thomas Kuchel to pass the Civil Rights Act (Dirksen was presented a civil rights accomplishment award for the year by the head of the NAACP in recognition of his efforts). Upon breaking the Democrat filibuster of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, Republican Dirksen took to the Senate floor and exclaimed “The time has come for equality of opportunity in sharing in government, in education, and in employment. It will not be stayed or denied. It is here!” (Full text of speech). Sadly, Democrats and revisionist historians have all but forgotten (and intentionally so) that it was Republican Dirksen, not the divided Democrats, who made the Civil Rights Act a reality. Dirksen also broke the Democrat filibuster of the 1957 Civil Rights Act that was signed by Republican President Eisenhower.[…]

Much, much more here.

Re-opening old wounds will not move us forward…we are all Americans.

If you prefer a global take on it,  “human [race] anyone?”

How about it “progressives” are you for ‘progress’ or is the true meaning of ‘progressive’ actually ‘regressive’?

Attention:  H.R.40 Sponsor Rep. John (Commie) Conyers [D-MI]

If this travesty of unequal justice is signed into law then Muslims had better pay the reparation piper too! Start with CAIR since they constantly bitch and moan about being treated equally this would be a great place to start.

Then work your way down…

Suggested reading:

The racist history the Democratic Party wants you to forget.

In closing a most apropos quote:

“Argue for your limitations and, sure enough, they’re yours.” ~ Richard Bach, Illusions

Wouldn’t you say?

Quote H/T libertysnippet

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